AUTO-VOX X2 Streaming Dashcam test, photo, video and installation

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Another car camera we took a closer look at for you is the AUTO-VOX X2 Streaming Dashcam.

Especially striking and unique is the included display in rear-view mirror format. This has a size of 9.88 inches, which corresponds to about 25 centimeters.

The set includes cameras for both the front and rear of the car. This means you can use the AUTO-VOX X2 Streaming Set as a dashcam or rear view camera.

We especially liked the high level of user-friendliness and the unique selling point of the AUTO-VOX X2 Streaming. There is hardly a dashcam that records both the front and rear areas.

If you buy this model, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, but you will get a lot for it.

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Technical data and facts

Especially the large screen is worth a closer look. This is not just a conventional display, but a touch screen. You can activate it very easily by touching it. Below it, several controls are finely drawn, for example, to take a photo or start videos. You can also open the menu on the screen.

At the top there is a brightness control, here you can adjust the screen brightness. At night the display should be set a bit darker to avoid glare and during the day of course brighter.

The front camera films with a 1080P Full HD resolution, you can also set up to 1296P. With the rear camera you only get HD 720P.

The power source is not a rechargeable battery system as usual, but you can simply plug the screen into your cigarette lighter.

The display is simply clamped over the rear view mirror in the cockpit. The cameras are also mounted in such a way that the cams are mounted as unobtrusively as possible.

You can also access many functions, including the normal driving mode, where the rear view is displayed as normal while driving, as soon as you start the car. This replaces a normal rear-view mirror, with recording function only.

There is also the loop recording, which runs passively in the background. Because of this feature the camera is in the endless recording, which means that the oldest data is always overwritten!

The 3-axis sensor is used exactly when an accident happens, in this case the current recording is saved extra by Loop before deletion.

When driving back, helpful distance lines are displayed on the rear view mirror to give you helpful clues.

In addition, there is also the GPS tracking. Here GPS, course and speed are displayed in real time.

Other functions include lane departure warning and parking space monitoring.


The design is very extravagant. The screen is really unique. It has a higher brightness and contrast than darkened screens.

Furthermore, this is a touch screen which also provides a distortion-free image.


The Full HD camera installed in the front area has a particularly sensitive photo sensor with a size of about 4 MP. It also has a 6-lens wide-angle lens that goes over 140 degrees. This is also combined with an f/2.2 aperture, which results in a very good overall image quality.

In the rear area the rear camera with HD 720P is installed. This delivers excellent live shots even in poor lighting conditions, as the built-in Sony IMX225 image sensor has only 0.1 lux.

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Assets and drawbacks


  • There is both a front and a rear camera
  • 140 degree wide angle of the front camera
  • Different driving modes for a more versatile use of the Auto-Vox X2 Streaming Dashcam
  • IP68 protected (against splash water and dirt)
  • Supports the modern loop function to ensure continuous recording
  • Driving mode and parking aid
  • GPS tracking for real-time recording of GPS, course and speed
  • Lane Departure Warning and Parking Space Monitoring
  • 3-axis G-sensor


  • You need a higher budget


To use the AUTO-VOX X2 Streaming Dashcam, you will definitely need to be on a budget, as the model costs just over 200 €, which is quite a lot compared to other car cameras.

However, the price/performance ratio is very good and a purchase is definitely worthwhile, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages and you can rely on the safe overall concept.

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