SG907 Drone Test: photo, video, range, flight time

SG907 Drone
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Once again, we took a look at an especially inexpensive beginner drone, which has many great features and is very suitable for beginners. Here you can watch the complete video review of the SG907 drone:

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Technical data and facts about the drone

This quadrocopter is quite easy to control and its design is very similar to the DJI Mavic, which we have also tested extensively.

The remote controlled model aircraft has an average size, a good camera and GPS for accurate location. Additionally there are some great features like the Return To Home function or the gesture control.

Like any other drone, the quadrocopter can be steered forwards, backwards, sideways to the right and left and in both directions.

There is a button on the remote control to start the camera, if you press it, the drone lifts off automatically. The same button is also suitable for landing.

Beginners also have it especially easy with this model, because there are several different speed levels that can be set. In addition, there are 3 control modes available, including classic mode, motion detection mode and joystick mode.

Flight behaviour

SG907 Drone + Remote-Control

The remote controlled model aircraft can be controlled via WiFi and a great radio remote control. Thus the quadrocopter meets the highest transmission standards. The antennas on the remote control amplify the signal and thus a much higher range can be generated.

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We recommend to study and read the manual carefully before the first start.

Thanks to the GPS and extensive sensor technology, the drone can be controlled very easily. However, when flying the drone you will notice the difference to more expensive models. Despite GPS, the drone is not always nailed in the air. So here the difference in price to other flying drones becomes apparent quite quickly. Nevertheless, the flight behaviour is quite safe and sufficient for beginners to try out the model.

In addition to the integrated GPS in the SG905 5G drone, an optical flow positioning system ensures optimal flight attitude.

Battery and flight time

The drone is supplied with a lithium battery which has a high energy density. Due to the high electrical power which the flight battery can deliver, the quadrocopter is capable of peak performance.

Charging takes up to 4 hours, depending on how empty the battery is already. The charging capacity is 1600 mAh.

Due to the high load capacity, you have a maximum flight time of up to 18 minutes at your disposal. In our opinion this is quite a long time for the price. A long lasting and comprehensive flight experience is therefore guaranteed.


The appearance is very similar to the DJI Mavic drone, but on closer inspection you notice that it is not the original, but only a copy.

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This model can also be considered as the Mavic, has a rather similar case structure and can be folded just as well. The remote control is also very similar to the original.

A very important and big difference becomes apparent in the camera and its suspension. With the SG907 5G WiFi drone there is no mechanical gimbal system, but the camera is permanently installed.

Photo quality and camera

SG 907 Drone - back view

This drone is equipped with a high resolution 4K camera, it can be adjusted in an angle of 90 degrees. However, one has to say that we really didn’t like the delivered image quality very much. Nevertheless, it is very good and more than sufficient for this price. With the 5G WLAN transmission, one can observe beautiful landscapes in real time on the smartphone. The picture is sharp enough for that.

You can also take photos, but the drone recognizes certain gestures that are connected to the camera functions of the quadrocopter. We have already tested several drones with gesture control, but they were in a completely different price segment. You can also see that the gesture control is not completely mature and you cannot expect this from a drone under 100 Euro.

In the app you can follow the live picture in real time. There in the app you also have the possibility to put different filters over the video and let music play in the background. So you can even create a music video in the app itself.


Thinking of the antennas you can reach a maximum range of 500 meters with the remote control. But this only concerns the control. The WiFi reaches up to 300 meters.

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Advantages and disadvantages

To make your purchase decision even easier, we have once again compared the most important advantages and disadvantages of the SG907 5G WiFi drone.


  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • 4K Camera
  • Real-time image transmission thanks to 5G WLAN
  • Extensive App with versatile flight functions like Return To Home and Point of Interest function
  • Attractive and foldable design (very similar to the DJI Mavic)
  • Gesture control with which you can trigger photo shots
  • Flow positioning system and GPS so that the drone flies much more stable
  • Camera 90 degrees adjustable


  • No real mechanical gimbal system
  • The camera and image quality are not comparable with other 4K recordings
  • Gesture control for photo and video corresponds to the quality of the price range


SG 907 Drone - front view

All in all we recommend the SG907 5G WiFi drone very gladly. The model cut a pretty good figure in the test. Although there are much better quadrocopters, the SG907 5G WiFi is much better in its price range than many other drones.

Also the gesture control could be a bit better, but for the price you have to say that it’s really a bonus that the drone has such a function at all.

>> SG 907 Dorhne kaufen* <<


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