Eachine EX4 drone test: photo, video, range, flight time

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In this review I will introduce the Eachine EX 4 GPS – WiFi 5G drone, the brother of the JJRC X12

And show which advantages and disadvantages this drone brings with it, as well as to which drones it is an alternative. You can watch the video review of the JJRC X12, the twin of the Eachine EX4, on the YouTube channel of Drohne – Check.

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  • Foldable and therefore easy to transport
  • 3 axis stabilization by gimbal for balanced video recordings
  • High flight time of 25 minutes under optimal conditions
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Active Track/Orbit Mode/Waypoint Mode/Gesture Mode/Video Effect Mode
  • High transmitter range of 1.2 kilometers
  • 1080p video and 4K photo shooting – also without fisheye effect
  • Bag is included
  • The drone reaches high speeds of up to 36 Km/h or 10m/s


  • Only 1080p/24FPS video instead of 30FPS or 60 FPS

Eachine EX4 and DJI Mavic Spark in comparison

Eachine EX4 DJI Mavic Spark
Weight 435g 300g
Dimension folded (L×W×H) 177x196x70mm 143×143×55 mm
Positioning system GPS GPS/GLONASS
more systems Optical-Flow + Ultra-Sound Sensor Optical Flow
Camera 4K photo / 1080p video 24 FPS
4K photo / 1080p video 30 FPS
Image stabilization 3-axis gimbal 2-axis gimbal + electronic image stabilization Ultra Smooth
Bitrate 8Mbps 12Mbps
Photo sensor 1/3.2” CMOS 1/2.3″ CMOS
maximum range 1200 meters 500 meters
max. speed 36Km/h 50Km/h
Flight time 25 minutes 16 minutes
Battery capacity 2400mA/h 1400mA/h
Item of expense 249,99 Euro EUR 299.95

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You can already see that the Eachine EX4 is a good competitor for the DJI Mavic Spark. The price level is about the same and the technical details of both copters can be compared well.

Scope of delivery of the Eachine EX4

Scope of delivery of the drone

In the scope of delivery of Eachine is of course once the foldable copter together with propellers, remote control and battery pack (2400mA/h) and charging cable.

Also included are a bag for the drone, a manual in English and screws to mount the propellers.

Attention, unfortunately there is no SD card in the scope of delivery. But the drone has such a slot, of course. The maximum size of this SD card is 32 Gigabyte.

>> Eachine EX4 kaufen* <<

Technical aspects in detail

Technically the drone is almost in the next price range, because for this price the possibilities the drone brings along are enormous.

With a maximum range of 1200 meters, this price range is over. Even the DJI Mavic Spark cannot keep up with this.

Please note, however, that in Germany it is prohibited to fly so far away. For a few years now, stricter laws have been in force here, which among other things stipulate that drones may only be flown within visual range!

So in terms of range this model is clearly ahead of the game, and the flight time of 25 minutes is more than okay.

The fact that you can stay in the air without changing the battery is due to the 2400mA/h 3S Lipos battery. Which works with a voltage of 11.4 volts, just like the JJRC X12

You can also order additional batteries from the manufacturer to further increase the flight time.

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The Eachine EX4 drone is a modern model, which is why the corresponding sensor technology is also installed in this flight model.

First and foremost, this includes the GPS system. This enables the drone to remain still in the air without manual taring of the copter.

But also two additional sensors are at the start. Namely the optical flow sensor and an ultrasonic sensor. With these sensors the drone is immune against obstacles inside and finds its way to stay calmly in the air until a command from the drone pilot comes.

One must not rely too much on the built-in sensor technology, especially in poor light conditions or even in the dark, the optical flow sensor quickly reaches its limits.

Despite this criticism, the level of high tech built into this drone shows how high quality and modern it is.

The ultrasonic and optical flow sensor technology is of course also used outside. Together with the barometer, ultrasonic sensor and GPS, the drone stands outside really well and calmly in the air.

The interaction of the systems provides a fantastic and sophisticated flying experience. Even less experienced pilots benefit from the systems and make it much easier and more comfortable to fly this model.

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Camera and recordings

You can make 1080p video recordings and 4K photos as shown in the overview above. The video recordings have a quality of 8 Mbp/s at 24FPS and 1080p.

The camera is held in position by a three-axis gimbal system, so unshaky shots are guaranteed!

The Eachine EX4 camera, like the JJRC X12, also has a zoom lens. This ensures that the camera remains stable when focusing. With this lens it is possible to adjust the focal length as fast as possible without having to change the position.

The only criticism from my side of the camera is the bitrate of the video recordings. The 8Mbp/s look partly washed out and the 24FPS even catches the eye of a trained eye a bit.

But the photos are in 4K and also the video resolution of 1080p is ok in this price range.

Recording test pattern

The flight control

Remote of the drone

The drone is controlled via WiFi, please note that the drone is addressed with the WiFi standard 802.11ac.

You have to check if your smartphone supports this standard. Especially older models could be affected. Please refer to the manual of your smartphone or ask the manufacturer if you are not sure.

The remote control also comes with a built-in WiFi amplifier (see antennas in the picture). This model connects to the remote control via WiFi and then the remote control automatically connects to Eachine EX4.

By amplifying the signal, the high range is achieved.

There are also some functions on the remote control. First the “M” button in the upper left corner. This deactivates the GPS which is better inside, because the GPS is not accurate to the meter, not to mention the centimeter range.

With the button left under the On/Off switch you can either start or land the drone by holding the button down briefly and then releasing it.

With the other button on the right under the On/Off switch you can either take a picture by pressing it shortly or start a video recording by holding it longer.

In the upper left corner above the M button there is also a small wheel, this wheel is used to adjust the tilt on the gimbal of the camera.

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The App

The Eachine EX4 drone uses the Enjoy Fly app. The app brings features like Follow Me mode, Waypoint, FPV video, an Altitude Hold mode (standing in the air) and a few effect settings.

Also important: The drone will not take off until you have connected your smartphone to the threat via the app. Your Smartphone must support the above mentioned standard!

>> Eachine EX4 kaufen* <<

After I have installed the app on my mobile phone I get a pairing request. The pairing code can be found in the drone’s manual.


When I have finished pairing, the app automatically connects to the drone. At least it is looking for a connection to the drone, as soon as the drone is switched on the connection is done automatically and you can see this picture

App successfully paired with the drone

Here you can see the altitude and see a small map, you can also take photos or start videos. In addition, there are the settings I show you in the next picture.

General settings of the app

There is a beginner mode, which is nothing else than a headless mode and this is for sure a great thing for beginners. You can also set the maximum altitude (100 meters in Germany).

At Voltage you can see the current charge level of the drone and you can set the battery level at which a warning should be given. This setting does not go below 10% and not above 80%.

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In addition, Compass Calibration can be used to calibrate the GPS and Gyro Calibration to calibrate the additional sensors.

The flight behaviour

As far as flight behaviour is concerned, I can’t complain in any way. The drone stands calmly in the air and due to the sensor technology even wind cannot harm the drone’s fixed position in the air.

The modes available in the app fly stable. Except for temperatures in the minus range. One should not use the -10 degrees to their full potential as the sensor system could fail even before that if the flight is long and cold.

The headless or beginner mode, as it is called in the app, also works well. In general the control is very direct and little delayed. A control that is very good and feels good, in my opinion.


Just like the JJRC X12, this model remains a very good alternative to the DJI Mavic Spark and other drones in this price range. What bothered us during the test was the low quality of the 1080p video recordings.

>> Eachine EX4 kaufen* <<

Since the recordings are only made at 24 FPS and also have a relatively low bit rate of 8Mbps, the videos could look much better, a slightly higher bit rate would have been sufficient.

The 4K photo shoots, on the other hand, are very clean and leave little room for complaining.

As the drone is available from 250 Euro, there is actually very little you can do wrong with this model. For beginners, but also for advanced pilots the drone is definitely worth a look and with its extensive sensor technology it can almost compete with the professional drones – at least in terms of flying fun, the camera is, as already mentioned, the only point of criticism.


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