X Drone HD: Another fake scam! Do not buy!

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During our research we became aware of another drone model, the X Drone HD.

Be careful not to fall for this scam. This special remote controlled aircraft is just a cheap toy drone, but it is offered for 99 Euros. But in reality it is only the Eachine E58. And that’s exactly what you get for only 39 €.

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Here is our test video of the Eachine E58:

Technical data of the rip-off drone

The price for the X Drone HD is not justified at all. Especially the camera and picture quality really leave a lot to be desired. To put it bluntly: It is lousy and doesn’t really deserve any further attention.

In addition, the video quality is so extremely poor that one could simply save the recordings. This is partly due to the fact that there is no gimbal system to stabilize the recorded video.

The bad resolution and the extreme wobbles are not the only reasons why we rather advise against buying it.

The price is simply much too overpriced for this toy drone. There is not even a Return To Home function and also the range is not equal to a 100 Euro drone.

The X Drone HD, respectively the Eachine E58 is presented as something special in many test reports and generally on the internet. Frequently it is reported in fake reports that the X Drone HD is very beginner-friendly. But this is not true. We definitely recommend a beginner to keep his hands off this quadrocopter. In order for the X Drone HD to stay in the air at all and be kept stable there, an experienced drone pilot is needed.

How is the cheap drone advertised?

The advertising for the X Drone HD seems to have been made especially clever. Because it creates curiosity and makes you want more. By clicking on an ad block, the prospective customer gets to a page with a test report of the X Drone HD. There the quadrocopter is praised especially highly and is presented as the best drone with a great price/performance ratio. On the next website, if the prospective customer clicks further, the shop is located.

>> Eachine E58 kaufen* <<

Very interesting is that in the online shop, only the X drone HD is offered. Of course there is still a discount, but it is only valid for a short period of time, including countdown. This of course creates massive pressure.

After the purchase, the disillusionment comes quickly, because after a short time the package with the fake drone arrives at home. There you will find out that the test report was not true and that this drone is already available under the name Eachine E58 for less than half the price.


In our opinion, the X Drone HD is not really good for much! The same model is available in other shops under a different name, at a much lower price. So our recommendation is: Hands off!

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