Blade 720 Drone Test: range, flight time, functions, photo, video

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The Blade 720 drone is said to have the same features as a DJI Mavic Pro, but at a cost of only a tenth of that. At first glance, the drone looks very similar to the Mavic range and the copter is also foldable, just like its big brother.

Nevertheless, there are some clear differences that are not noticeable at first glance, but which will upset any buyer afterwards. We uncover what is really behind the Blade 720 drone.

Blade 720 Drone – strong similarity to the Eachine E58

The model Blade 720 is another Mavic clone, which is supposed to continue the success story of DJI’s travel drone. On closer inspection, however, the model turns out to be Eachine E58, which is sold on the German market under a different “new” name. Other well-known names under which companies market Eachine E58 are DroneX Pro.

The Blade 720 is another Mavic clone that is aggressively marketed on the Internet under a new name. The drone offers the same technical standards as the Eachine E58 entry level drone we have already tested. Here you can watch our video review:

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The only difference between the Blade 720 drone and the Eachine E58 is, according to our calculations, a new controller that looks slightly different, but offers the same features. This is what the Eachine E58 drone actually has:

  • Flight time of 6 to 7 minutes per battery charge
  • Photos with a resolution of moderate quality
  • Videos in HD resolution in very moderate quality, always blurred because there is no gimbal to stabilize the videos
  • Front headlights and no obstacle detection, as propagated in some shops
  • Flying and photo shooting at night is an illusion, the headlights are much too weak
  • Furthermore, the camera does not have a large sensor to provide night images in the appropriate quality
  • No GPS, i.e. in windy conditions the drone will always drift
  • No Return-To-Home function, the drone only tries to fly a previously flown route backwards, but this does not work very well in practice
  • Functions are not comparable to those of the real Mavic Pro
  • Range of almost 30m, after that the connection becomes bad

The Blade 720 Drone is an entry-level drone, which is actually a slightly modified Eachine E58. The video above shows which functions this model actually has and which photo and video quality you can expect from this model.

Blade 720 Drone Test

Conclusion on the Blade 720 drone

The Blade 720 drone is an entry-level drone that is sold at different prices, mostly just under 100€. However, the Eachine E58 is already available at for just under 40€ with two additional batteries.

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Drone pilots who do not yet have any flying experience and would simply like to test how flying a drone feels in practice with a fun drone can try out the Eachine E58 drone.

However, all pilots who expect a professional drone with the same or similar characteristics as the original Mavic Pro from DJI will be disappointed. The flight functions are much worse and the photos and videos are in no way comparable to 4k video recordings of the large travel drone.


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