HELIFAR H815 mini quadrocopter test, foldable design, flight time, range and flight characteristics

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Once again we were looking for a foldable mini drone and came across the HELIFAR H815 mini quadrocopter.

It not only has a cool design, but also brings a lot of fun into the living room with its 360 degree flip function and agile turning manoeuvres. For outdoor flights this model is rather less suitable, but the price is also under 20€. As the drone is quite small and has a low weight, strong gusts of wind are of course a big problem!

The HELIFAR H815 Mini Quadrocopter is the ideal birthday or Christmas present for children from 14 years of age. At least this is the age recommended by the manufacturer.

Technical details and specifications

Flying this drone is a lot of fun. All the parts you need to take off are included. But the remote control is a bit difficult to get used to, the levers are not arranged as usual, but you get used to it quickly.

Newcomers will especially benefit from the headless control of the drone and the automatic Return-To-Home function. These features make it easier to keep the quadrocopter in perfect flying position.


In the front is a great LED light, thanks to which you can see and control the drone very well even in the dark or gloomy environment.

In terms of colour, the design is black above and below the orange tone. In the shop there is unfortunately only this colour combination (orange/black) to choose from.

With other models it happens more and more often that the drone can be folded, this is also the case with the HELIFAR H815.

The material is made of plastic just like the propellers, but you shouldn’t expect anything else at a price below 20 Euros. There are drones that even use carbon, but these are quadrocopters, some of which are in the 4-digit price category.

When unfolded, the model measures 9.6 cm x 10 cm, folded about 5.8 cm x 6.4 cm.

Is there a camera?

Unfortunately there is no camera and therefore no FPV function on this model. But the mini drone has many other great flight functions. If you buy a CMOS photo sensor and FPV equipment, which have small dimensions, you can theoretically enjoy the benefits of a drone camera. However, it’s worth buying a larger quadrocopter and investing a little more in the model itself.

Range, battery and flight time

A 3.7 Volt strong battery with about 200 mAh is installed. This has an amount of energy that keeps the drone in the air for about 5 minutes. The flight battery must then be charged for about 50 minutes.

However, such a short flight time is perfectly normal in the category of mini drones.

The transmitter has a decent performance. This gives this model a range of about 70 to 100 metres, which is pretty good for a model of this size.

Stunts and flight modes

If you are looking for a quadrocopter, you often make sure that it has great functions. These include, for example, a return-to-home function, 360 degree flip function, headless mode and compass mode. The foldable Helifar mini drone has all these modes, which further improves the price/performance ratio.

We find the 360 degree flip function particularly interesting, where the drone performs great somersaults and then automatically returns to hovering flight. You only have to press one button on the remote control and the helifar drone does the rest.

Integrated is also a headless mode, where you can steer the quadrocopter in any direction, no matter how the front is aligned in relation to you. For example, if you move the right stick downwards, the drone will fly towards you, even if it’s on your side.

Advantages and disadvantages



  • Very compact drone with small dimensions and foldable design
  • Ideal for beginners
  • High quality 2.4 Ghz remote control with a high range of up to 100 meters
  • Numerous great functions
  • Return To Home
  • Headless mode – very good for beginners to practice
  • Can perform cool stunts like 360 degree flips at the touch of a button


  • Very susceptible to wind – more suitable for indoor use
  • Relatively short flight time (5 minutes) – which is normal for drones in this size class
  • You need 3 x AAA batteries for the remote control (not included)


The remote controlled model aircraft is suitable for all ages and brings a lot of fun into the living room. Nevertheless, this drone is only recommended from an age of 14 years. But the fun factor is always present. However, in our experience, quadrocopters in this weight class are extremely susceptible to wind and can only be flown outdoors in absolute calm. Therefore, in our opinion the Helifar H815 is more a model for indoor flights.

As far as controls go, the quadrocopter is very agile and you can fly around very quickly and you get the hang of it. All in all, a super entry-level model!

Here you can buy the drone on Amazon!


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