Airselfie Test: New gadget drone fits comfortably in your pocket

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A great gadget, which is on the market since October 2017, is called AirSelfie Drone and is the first aircraft for self-portraits par excellence.

The Airselfie fits comfortably in every pocket, weighs only a little over 50 grams and is not much bigger than a smartphone. The housing consists mainly of an aluminium casing.

On the front side there is a small high-quality camera. Internally you can count on about 4 GigaByte data memory to take as many great photos and videos as possible. The WLAN network reaches up to 20 meters, which is in our opinion completely sufficient to take a great photo of yourself when no other person is around.

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Airselfie at a glance: Further technical data

The drone has 4 rotors with which it can climb up to 20 meters. The limit for this is unfortunately the maximum range of the WLAN radio connection. Videos in 1080p at up to 30 fps and great photos can be taken with the 5 megapixel camera.

Of course the Airselfie has no mechanical gimbal system as you can see on the pictures. When video recordings are produced, the drone balances the movements via internal software, similar to the large Parrot Bebop 2 drone.

It can be controlled easily via an app, which you have to install on your smartphone. This application is available for both IOS and Android from the App Store.

The most important facts:

  • Weight: 52 grams
  • Battery: 260 mAh
  • Flight time: 3 minutes
  • Charging time: 30 minutes
  • Special charging cases suitable for: iPhone models 6, 6 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel

The Airselfie can be shipped with an extra charging case that also fits the above mentioned smartphone models. With this the drone can be recharged quickly on the way. If this model is ordered without such a case, the drone is usually delivered with an extra power bank.

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What we don’t like about the Airselfie Drone

In any case you should take care not to order it by mistake without a cover or powerbank, because the flight time is only 3 minutes. And there we come to the first negative point: The weak battery! We have never tested a quadrocopter that stays in the air for such a short time. As soon as you are in the air for a while, the airselfie wants to land again soon because the voltage drops.

But there is one thing you should not forget: This drone was not designed to fly wildly through the air! It should only be able to do one thing: Take off, shoot Selfie and land. It does this job perfectly and the short flight time is invalidated. Afterwards you can charge the Airselfie comfortably in your trouser or jacket pocket and often it takes only a few minutes until the battery is fully charged again to take the next photo.

The Airselfie simply has to be put with the right side first into the shaft of the Powerbank and it starts to charge the drone.

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The Powerbank is sufficient to recharge the Airselfie up to 20 times on the road. Afterwards it has to be recharged at the power supply. This gives you a total of one hour flying time (20 times 3 minutes). This is also available on Amazon or other shops. You must not be misled and make sure that the entire flight time is with Powerbank, provided that the drone is always recharged sufficiently.

The flight behaviour of the Airselfie drone in test

With the help of the app the Airselfie can be controlled in all directions after switching on and pairing with smartphone.

You should make sure that there is as little wind as possible. Due to the low weight and the weak drive compared to larger models, it is a bit susceptible to wind. However, the Airselfie can balance light winds well. It stands as if nailed to the ground in the air when there is no wind and takes wobble-free photos and videos.

With the app, the camera image can be observed from the drone perspective in real time. This guarantees perfect shots from exactly the angle you want and reminds a little bit of FPV flying with bigger models.

Later on the recordings can be transferred to a PC or laptop via Micro-USB. The 4 Gbyte memory, however, is sufficient for a huge amount of photos, so you don’t have to empty it all the time.

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Construction, material, processing and quality

When unpacking the Airselfie Drone, you don’t have to worry about breaking it. Because it is extremely high quality and solidly manufactured. Small, compact & solid and so much so that no other drone we have tested so far in this size could keep up.

The propellers are pointing downwards and look like small paddle wheels. Because of the large surface area of the propellers and the strong brushless motors, the Airselfie gets a really good drive for this size, which also has power.

The basic structure of the drone is made of high quality aluminium and
looks like everything is cast from one piece, seamless and with clean transitions. The edge is again secured with a rubber coating to cushion the aircraft in case of possible crashes. This can also be easily removed.

Below is a small sensor system with camera for altitude control and stabilization.

At the back is the Micro-USB port and at the front the 5 megapixel camera. The on/off switch is also located on the bottom of the housing.

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Commissioning of the Airselfie UAV

First of all you should download the app for the drone. There you will also find the operating instructions in the menu. It would be an advantage for you if you read it again before you use the aircraft to make selfies.

Afterwards you should charge the powerbank and then the drone. To charge the airselfie you just have to push it into the shaft.

After charging, you only have to switch it on and connect it to your smartphone.

Now you can use the touchpads on the smartphone screen to control the Airselfie drone and create photos by tapping the trigger in the app or start video recording.

Different flight modes

In the app you can also choose between three different flight modes. These include:

  • The Selfie Mode – In this mode you can only move the drone in 2 directions. Either they fly towards you or away again. The flight altitude stays the same and it can’t be moved away to the side. The advantage of this mode is that you can align the airselfie accurately to take a good picture.
  • In the Selfie Motion Control mode you can move the Airselfie in all directions and position it as you like. It doesn’t make sense to stay in this mode forever and fly around, because the battery life and therefore the maximum flight time is only 3 minutes.
  • When the drone is in Flying Mode, you no longer need to control it using the Touch Screen, but it will move in the direction you point your smartphone. The flight behaviour of the drone is therefore dependent on the position sensor in your phone. We think this function is really cool, it reminds us a bit of app games from the app store.

What else you should pay attention to with the Selfie drone

We are dealing with a very small drone, which costs a lot of money but still can’t keep up with a big quadrocopter like you get from DJI or Parrot. Therefore we recommend to fly outside only when there is no wind.

It is also advisable not to remove the rubber protection. It has its place! The drone can crash if you fly carelessly through the area and the rubber protection is there to absorb the falling energy! Many people make the mistake and remove this protection for optical reasons and then the drone suddenly has a dent after a crash. We therefore recommend not to remove the rubber protection!

Conclusion about the Airselfie drone

You get a really funny little drone, which is very high quality processed. The quality of the videos and photos are very good enough for selfies and the camera is really tiny. The handling is really foolproof and therefore the Airselfie is suitable for every age group that can handle a smartphone. You can’t hurt yourself on the rotors, because the motors will automatically switch off as soon as there is too much resistance due to a foreign object on the rotors. If you put a finger inside, this automatic safety system will take effect immediately.

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What we really like is how high quality and compact the design of this drone is. The Airselfie is not much bigger than an iPhone and only twice as thick, so it fits in every pocket! This is something that has never been seen before in this combination on the drone market! The robust filigree workmanship justifies in our opinion also the price! The manufacturer has really done a great job here.

We think that the battery life could of course be a little longer, although you can easily reach 1 hour flight time with the simple powerbank, theoretically you would have to recharge the drone continuously for this, as it can only stay in the air for 3 minutes in one piece, then the battery is empty.

But for selfies the 3 minutes are enough to take great group photos. In addition the Airselfie is the first real selfied drone, which was developed only for this purpose. It is the flying king of the selfie world.

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