GoPro Hero 6 in test: high-end action cam with numerous features


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Whether mountain biking, skiing, climbing or diving, as soon as action-packed movements play an important role and you want to capture these moments on video or photo, you need an action camera. These cams are becoming more and more popular. The GoPro Hero 6 is currently the Mercedes on the market of action cams.

This high-end camera has all the technical refinements one could wish for. These include a compact size and excellent video quality in UHD at 60 fps and FHD slow motion at 240 fps. Below we have published a few photos, convince yourself of the high image quality.

Even in significantly low light conditions, the Go Pro Hero 6 camera still takes very good pictures.

The cam also has numerous technical features, which give an extremely positive overall impression of the device:

– Optional operating mode via voice command-
Built-in image stabiliser-
Stable & fast WLAN connection-
Optimised dynamics-
Ultra-convenient operating algorithm via touch screen-
Waterproof – even without heavy additional housing

The following video shows our Go Pro Hero 6 field test:

The technical features of the device

The basic technical equipment of the Go Pro Hero 6 camera has already been mentioned briefly at the beginning. Here we mentioned the device parameter “UHD 60 frames per second”.

This abbreviation stands for the standard of Ultra High Definition Video, a digital video format. This means that anyone who records videos in UHD format at 60 fps with the Go Pro Hero 6 camera generates video streams that are absolutely suitable for home cinema.

Video material that has been recorded with the Go Pro Hero 6 outdoors can later be shown and viewed in high image quality in a professionally equipped home cinema.

A further technical feature is the slow-motion function, which means that the camera is also suitable for generating video material in slow-motion and FHD quality.

FHD again stands for Full High Definition and thus for a format of full high resolution.

This means that this cam is capable of recording normal videos or even slow-motion videos with a video resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In total, this means a performance of 2,073,600 pixels, which can also be output and viewed in an aspect ratio of 16 : 9.

This resolution not only allows video recordings in home cinema quality and slow-motion. You can also use it to create extremely high-resolution 12 MP photos and still images.

The format UHD with 60 fps stands for the fact that in this normal mode 60 frames per second are shot by the camera. However, if you go into FHD 240-p mode for slow motion or slow-motion settings, the device will then capture 240 razor-sharp images per second.

If you just want to take pictures with the camera, you can use the GoPro Hero 6 to take high-resolution photos with 12 megapixels. It also has a zoom function, the famous wide-angle function and finally, various settings for the linear angle of view. All of these features give you the flexibility you need to take pictures.

The Gopro Hero 6 in practical test

The Go Pro Hero 6 camera retains its high resolution, depth of field and pure video quality even in unfavorable lighting conditions. The high-contrast image and video sequences should ultimately leave nothing to be desired even by demanding professionals.

A high light sensitivity in the dark is important, because not all activities with an ActionCam are well lit. Home cinema quality is guaranteed with the GoPro Hero 6, even in the twilight, as it can adapt to the light conditions.

Operation is optionally either via voice commands or via touch screen. In general, the operation of this cam can be described as intuitive. Also the mode of data transmission was convincing in practical tests. With this device there are basically two alternative data transfer rates to choose from.

On the one hand with the standard mode of data transmission, already known from comparable devices, in which a frequency of 2.4 Ghz is used and on the other hand also in the much faster mode with 5 Ghz, as the device has been improved and optimized by the manufacturer in the meantime.

The quality of workmanship and the waterproofness were also convincing in practice. The GoPro Hero 6 thus defies even the toughest conditions and is ideally suited for outdoor use, for example on winter snow slopes. The camera manages well without an additional housing. It has definitely proven itself in everyday leisure time.

Additional gadgets that can be ordered in stores

Of course, each cam is always an individually used tool that can be extended at will with the respective gadgets regarding its scope of use and optimally adapted to the respective subjective preferences of the user.

There are numerous gadgets and accessories available for the Go Pro Hero 6 high-end camera in stationary retail stores or alternatively on the internet for interested users of the device.

These include replacement batteries. If the camera is regularly used outdoors, you should definitely get a second battery. If it is completely empty, it must be charged for a total of 94 minutes before the Go Pro is ready for use again. The following picture shows a huge GoPro set, which can be bought from 25€ on Amazon.

Accessories that make sense depending on the application for the action camera are for example the extra underwater housing to achieve a secure waterproofness, even under enormous pressure conditions, as can be found several meters below the water level.

Especially for the divers such an additional gadget is of course recommended. There is also a Selfie-Stick to take videos and photos in Selfie format.

Those who always want to keep both hands free when filming or alternatively also when taking pictures should finally consider the practical headband to the Go Pro Hero 6 high-end camera. It increases the user-friendliness of the camera enormously. When cycling, riding a motorbike or climbing, it provides a camera view from the ego perspective and gives the impression of being live in the action.

Buy recommendation and price comparison

The GoPro Hero 6 camera is currently available for about 420 euro. The price of the camera fluctuates around this amount. Of course, it also depends on the right shop. The action camera is a cheap bargain, as the quality beats almost everything available on the market. Although the cam looks expensive at first sight, you have to consider that you will get a lot of technology that has been built into this innovative device.

The high quality and the various possibilities of application and use make the price of the device appear to be quite reasonable and in line with the market, and in our opinion it is.

We claim that the Go Pro Hero 6 high-end camera is one of the best devices currently available in its segment.

GoPro 6 is currently available at Amazon at a particularly favourable price.

Nevertheless, it is now quite possible to get such a technology-heavy action camera at a slightly lower price on the market. With the large number of vendors that sell this type of camera, you can always benefit from discounts and seasonal price reductions.

But if you want to order your action cam on the internet for purely practical reasons and considerations and are looking for an overall cheap offer, you can order the camera with a clear conscience at Amazon.

Here you will regularly find interesting offers for the Go Pro Hero 6 high-end camera.

Conclusion on the Go Pro Hero 6 high-end camera

It should have become generally known by now that the provider GoPro has left the business of production and worldwide marketing of drones. There may have been very different reasons and considerations on the part of the GoPro management.

However, this strategic decision by GoPro can have nothing to do with a lack of know-how and technical understanding and ability. No: quite the opposite!

In general, it seems that since leaving the production and marketing of drones, the company is now concentrating more on its core business and can now show what potential the company really has. GoPro has its biggest sales in the field of action cams. So when you make a purchase, you are putting your trust in a market leader.

Among the new products that have replaced drones in GoPro’s current range are now types of state-of-the-art action cams that clearly outshine competitor models. The term “high-end camera” has rightly earned it!

As already mentioned, the product is not affordable for everyone. But in view of the sheer abundance of built-in technology and the almost universal possibilities to create images, the Go Pro 6 is worth every cent!
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