Happymodel Mobula7 Crazybee F3 Pro drone test, photo, video, range and flight characteristics


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If you are looking for an especially small mini racing drone with FPV mode, you should take a closer look at the happy model Mobula7 Crazybee F3 Pro

The standard version of this model is compatible with the Frsky Non-EU receiver. The camera used is the 700TVL BNF camera.

The advantage of the drone is the compatibility with a 2S lipo battery, but you can also use 1S batteries. Optically the Happy Mobula7 Crazybee F3 is very similar to the URUAV UR65 drone.

Compared to the competition, however, the quadrocopter is incredibly fast and has an extremely high quality. The drone provides a lot of fun and in our opinion it is one of the best models in the mini-drone sector you can get for this price.

Once you get the hang of it, this drone is the real deal. Some buyers have problems reaching the maximum range, in which case you should switch to D8 mode and turn off telemetry.

Technical data and facts

The 0802 brushless motor is extremely powerful and catapults the drone to high speeds in a very short time.

Thanks to the LED lights you can make great flights even in the twilight or darkness and have the drone always in view.

It reacts incredibly fast to control commands, which is of course very important for drone racing!

For beginners the Happy model Mobula7 Crazybee F3 Pro is suitable of course also. However, a little bit of practice is needed to be able to handle this small powerhouse elegantly.

The design

The design is really very unusual and looks quite extraordinary. The propellers are in the colour “orange” and protected by a white ring against collision or crash.

Below the board you can see the small antenna. It looks elegant and doesn’t disturb very much.

Compared to other drone models, the camera is not at the bottom, but on top and below the 4 propeller drives are located.

In wind and rain you should not go flying with the Happy Model Mobula7 Crazybee F3 Pro. Since the drone is so light, it is of course also very wind sensitive and therefore not suitable for use in gusts of wind. If it rains, moisture also gets on the board, because the case is not waterproof!


The camera is the 5.8G VTX AIO camera with FPV transmission and 700TVL resolution.

The cam operates at a frequency of 5.8 GHZ and has a visibility of about 120 degrees. With 3 g, this camera carries very little weight and is therefore ideally suited for use with racing drones.

Battery and flight time of the drone

In our opinion the battery is a bit low. With 250 mAh you only get a few minutes of flight time. How long you can actually fly the model depends on your flying style and the charge level of the battery.

We recommend that you always take several fully charged flight batteries with you to fly, so that you can replace them if one battery runs out.

The included battery packs have 1 cell, but the drone also supports 2S batteries.

Assets and drawbacks


  • Very well suited for beginners and advanced
  • The MPU-6000 is used as sensor unit
  • Supports batteries with modern 2S system
  • CRAZYBEEF3 PRO FR Firmware
  • Provides LED
  • Adjustable camera angle
  • Full telemetry functions
  • Propeller protection available
  • Also holds a higher crash resistance


  • Not so well suited for professionals
  • Low battery power
  • Wind sensitive and not splash or rain proof

Scope of delivery

Exactly which package you get depends, among other things, on whether you have selected the Basic package or the Standard version in the shop.

Scope of delivery for the standard version:

  • 1x Mobula7 75mm FPV drone
  • 4x 40mm 3-Blade Propellers ( 4 CW & 4 CCW )
  • 4x 3.8v 250mah 30C/60C Lipo battery
  • 1x 1S06 6 Way Lipo/LIHV charger
  • 1x Propeller Disassemble Tool
  • 1x Fixing (holder) for the Lipo battery
  • 1x screwdriver

Scope of delivery for basic version:

  • 1x Mobula7 75mm FPV drone
  • 4x 40mm 3-Blade Propellers ( 4 CW & 4 CCW )
  • 4x 3.8v 250mah 30C/60C Lipo battery
  • 1x USB Lipo/LIHV charger
  • 1x Fixing Mount for the Lipo battery
  • 1x Propeller Disassemble Tool
  • 1x screwdriver

The big difference between the basic version and the standard package is the charger!

Who is the drone suitable for?

If you have already read some of our test reports, then you know that we do not recommend racing drones to every beginner. However, this small model is quite resistant and will survive the odd crash or collision with other objects. Therefore the Happy model Mobula7 Crazybee F3 is also very suitable for beginners.

Professionals will not like this aircraft very much, because the camera is not sufficient for professional requirements and it is more of a mini drone!


In our opinion, this inexpensive drone is really very successful. The quality of workmanship fits for this price and the FPV transmission is stable. Of course it is not a DJI model, but it is not in the same price range as we are talking about.

You get here sufficient quality for little money and especially newcomers who want to try out a racing drone, should take a closer look at the Happymodel Mobula7 Crazybee F3 Pro.

Here in the shop you can choose the right set and order it comfortably online!


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