HighGreat Mark Test with VIO Positioning and Wifi 4K camera, photo, video, range and flight time

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This report is intended to serve as a purchase guide for the HighGreat Mark VIO drone. We have taken a closer look at this model and collected the most important facts and figures about the quadrocopter for you.

You can get the HighGreat Mark VIO for about 260 Euro and benefit from many great functions. These include the FPV function, the 13 MP camera and the various flight modes.

You can take the drone with you on holiday or on adventure trips. It floats very reliably and stable in the air, so it is also suitable for beginners.

There is also the possibility to fold the model aircraft easily. This makes transport much easier. You can not only fold up the arms, but also fold up the propellers, which is of course very advantageous!

Technical data and facts about the HighGreat Mark VIO drone

The model is called “VIO” because it has this special positioning technology.

The vio-technology can easily replace the traditional stabilization systems. GPS positioning or gyroscopes are common, among other things.

However, thanks to VIO technology, these systems are no longer needed. The system works so reliably that stable hovering flights are possible both indoors and outdoors.

With the help of this technology, the HighGreat Mark VIO drone can actually track and store the flight path without any problems.

A gesture control is also integrated. With this you can take great photos and start video recordings.

To start a video, simply walk with your hand over your head. In case you want to take a picture, put your hand next to your ear. This function is really very practical!

Design of the drone

From a greater distance, the HighGreat Mark VIO reminds us a bit of the DJI Spark. However, there are a few differences if you take a closer look.

Below the drone behind the camera is the battery, which has 4 status LEDs. These show the current charge state of the flight battery.

We especially liked the extremely foldable design of the HighGreat Mark VIO. As already mentioned, both the propeller and the arms of the drone can be folded.

A special advantage is that the HighGreat Mark VIO drone only weighs about 200 g (with propeller and flight battery). This means that you do not need an extra drone marker for the model aircraft.

In normal condition the dimensions are 148 mm x 148 mm x 48 mm. When folded, the dimensions here are about 148 mm x 73 mm x 48 mm.

The HighGreat Mark VIO Drone is currently only available in black.


Here a camera with a resolution of 13 MP is installed. This resolution provides a particularly sharp and detailed picture. You can also create great 4K video recordings.

Thanks to the FPV Wifi system, the images are transferred in real time from the camera to your smartphone. The latency is about 200 to 300 ms and the maximum transmission distance of the Wifi signal is about 50 meters.

You can use the FPV-Wifi-System with the following operating systems:

  • iOS 8.0 or higher
  • Android 4.1.2 or higher

Battery and flight time

This drone uses a 1300 mAh flight battery. It weighs about 60 grams and works with a LiPo 2S system.

The possible flight time varies very much. Here it depends particularly on the state of charge and your flying style. If you often accelerate and then brake again, the maximum flight time will be much shorter. Also the flight time depends on the weather.

With little wind, careful flying and a fully charged battery, you can easily reach 18 minutes flying time.

Other flight modes

In addition to the already mentioned modes, there are other flight functions that allow you to use the model even better.

Very popular is the Circle Mode, where the drone circles around an object of your choice.

Furthermore, there is the function to fly an upward spiral upwards and thereby fly around an object.

Then there is the Rocket and Dronie mode. In dronie mode the model flies backwards and slowly upwards. This creates a great shot. At the same time the selected object is held in the camera’s sight.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The operation of the drone is very simple and uncomplicated
  • Very suitable for beginners
  • Compact dimensions and an extremely foldable design
  • You can take extremely high-quality photos and videos with the drone
  • The Wifi app is suitable for both Android and IOS systems
  • VIO system for a safe flight path
  • Gesture control to trigger photos or start videos
  • 13 MP camera for 4K video recording
  • Fast and agile drone
  • Provides for a lot of fun – also in the living room


  • Unfortunately the Wifi has only a small range (up to 50 meters)


We like the HighGreat Mark VIO drone very much and we can recommend it to every warm heart.

Here in the shop you can buy the quadrocopter at a reasonable price!


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