JDRC JD-20S PRO UAV test, photo, video and range

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Today we present you once again a great video drone, which not only looks pretty cool, but also has retractable arms and a FPV system.

With the built-in wide angle camera you can create high quality pictures and video recordings from the sky.

Thanks to the WLAN function, you can also connect the drone perfectly to a terminal, for example your smartphone.

The quadrocopter model is also well suited for beginners, as it has a 6-axis gyroscope and balances itself almost fully automatically.

There are even LED lights that make flying really fun even at dusk or in the deepest darkness.

The app also offers many different features and modes, which you can set quickly and easily.

More details you will find in this report.

Technical data and facts

Normally the drone is operated via a 2.4 Ghz remote control, which ensures a stable and interference-free transmission. You can also conveniently fold it up and carry it in your pocket.

The remote control also has a design similar to that of the DJI Mavic. On top there are 2 antennas for signal transmission, below a holder where you can use your smartphone.

What is also important to mention is that you can also fly without remote control, only with your smartphone. However, the maximum transmission range is limited here. The Gravity Control is advantageous here, so if you move the smartphone to the left or right, the drone can be operated.

You have the possibility to do great somersaults with the drone at the push of a button, without having to catch the copter from the fall again, it does this fully automatically and also balances itself.

The engines are very powerful and offer a lot of power for the highest possible performance.

The design of the drone

The JDRC JD-20S JD20S PRO drone is a great design and we are very excited about the design. It looks a bit like the DJI Mavic Pro, but it still has its own style!

The colour matching is black and white, but you can choose again in the menu which of the two colours more for the contours and which of them should be the basic colour.

Above the fuselage is the on/off button and in the front the camera with gimbal system.

The model can be folded up. Both the wings themselves and the propellers. So the quadrocopter can be easily stowed away and taken everywhere.

Concerning the dimensions, we are here in the folded state at 15 x 11 x 6 cm and unfolded 40 x 33 x 6,5 cm. The weight is about 500 grams.


Here a FPV camera with a pixel density of 5 MP is installed, which records videos with a resolution of about 1080P.

The picture and video recordings are definitely worth seeing. You can also easily transfer them to your smartphone via Wifi FPV.

Both the sharpness of the image and the colour matching correspond to the price/performance ratio.

Battery, flight time and range

The battery in this drone has a charging capacity of approximately 1800 mAh. It is a lipo-battery which works at a voltage of 3.7 volts.

For the flight, the cargo quantity is sufficient for a period of about 16 to 18 minutes. The maximum loading time is 120 to 150 minutes.

With a fully charged remote control you can reach a range of about 100 meters.

Flight Modes

Amazing for this price are the numerous flight modes. Besides automatic systems that work in the background, like the automatic altitude hold or the gyro that works over 6 axes, there are also modes that you can use actively.

There is, for example, Trajectory Flight, where you can set the drone to follow the line drawn on your smartphone.

The 360 degree flips that can be done at the touch of a button are also pretty cool and are a lot of fun.

In headless mode, the drone will respond directly to your commands, no matter what your attitude is. It can be flown in your direction by moving the joystick downwards, even if the drone’s head is pointing to a completely different spot.

Advantages and disadvantages of the camera drone

If you decide to buy the JDRC JD-20S JD20S PRO drone, many advantages await you, including a favourable price and a very good price/performance ratio. There are also a few disadvantages with this model. To make the decision to buy easier for you, we have listed them again.


  • Beautiful drone with super design
  • Gyroscope system which works over 6 axes
  • 4 channel remote control with a frequency of 2.4 Ghz
  • Compact dimensions – super easy to fold and transport everywhere
  • High flight time (16 to 18 minutes)
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Great for beginners


  • Long charging time per battery (120 to 150 minutes)


This drone model is very well suited for beginners and people who do not have much flying experience.

As far as the camera shots of the quadrocopter are concerned, its evaluation is certainly a matter of getting used to it. A professional who is only used to very high-quality photos and videos of drones will probably be less enthusiastic. A beginner for whom this model is ideal and who only uses the drone for hobby purposes will have a lot of fun.

Also the price and the design convinced us in the end. You can order the JDRC JD-20S JD20S PRO drone here in the shop!


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