Potensic Mini Drone with camera test, range, flight time and more

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The Potensic Mini Drone with camera function and great flight characteristics ranks among the inexpensive entry-level drones.

Thanks to many safety features and a stable construction, it is particularly suitable for beginners who have little flying experience and are looking for a model to practice.

The manufacturer Potensic has done a great job here and brought a quadrocopter onto the market, which meets all the requirements of a mini drone. The price/performance ratio is very good and we can recommend this model warmly.

In the following test report, we present the Potensic Mini Drone in detail and give you tips for using it. In the following video review you can watch the practical test of the drone:

Technical data and facts

As usual, this product has a normal RC remote control including a smartphone holder on which the live images of the camera can be displayed on the screen in real time.

Remote Control

To make flying the Potensic Mini Drone especially beginner-friendly, there is an automatic take-off and landing function. So starting the model is fully automatic when you press the button on the remote control, as is landing.

In addition, there is the “Hover” function, where the system automatically works in the background and always balances the quadrocopter so that it is in a perfect flight attitude and maintains altitude.

Due to the extensive sensor technology, the quadrocopter has the perfect characteristics in the air, so that it can be flown by any newcomer and also cuts a good figure. A beginner does not need a particularly long training phase and gets used to the drone quickly.

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Design structure & appearance

Processing and design of the Potensic Mini Drone, are very robust and resistant built. The propellers are very well protected from surrounding objects and if a crash occurs once, the quadrocopter will be damaged only in rare cases. Due to its stable construction, the model aircraft is very forgiving, even a newcomer will find it difficult to destroy the drone by making mistakes during flight.

As far as appearance is concerned, we are dealing with a matt colour in black.

The camera is flush mounted and above it you can see the logo of the company Potensic in white.

Apart from that there is not much to say about the design, the model looks like a typical mini drone, there are no special features to be recognized.

Camera function

The camera is an important heart of the Potensic Mini Drone. It is a high resolution camera, which sends the images in real time to your smartphone. This feature is also known as FPV function and is not available at all in most models of this price range. Therefore, the presence of FPV live transmission significantly increases the price/performance ratio and makes the drone especially valuable in its price and size class.

Via WiFi the image data from the HD camera is transmitted in real time to the smartphone, from where you can operate the drone with the 2.4 Ghz controller.


The battery is exchangeable and so you can fly as long as you want, if you have enough spare batteries with you.

The flight battery included in the scope of delivery can be recharged more than 300 times.

As far as the flight time is concerned, it depends very much on your flight behaviour. If you are particularly aggressive, the battery only lasts a few minutes. In general it can be said that depending on the capacity of the battery charge and the flight behaviour of the drone pilot, 5 to 10 minutes of flight time will come together.

Scope of delivery

The set contains all parts you need to start the quadrocopter.


  • 1x Potensic A20W mini drone
  • 1x rechargeable Lipo battery with up to 300 charging cycles
  • 4x spare propeller for emergency
  • 1x remote control with 2.4 Ghz
  • 1x charging cable for the flight battery of the Potensic Mini Drone
  • 1x comprehensive manual in German

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Assets and drawbacks


  • Easy to operate thanks to extensive sensor technology and state-of-the-art technology
  • Very stable construction and robust design structure
  • Especially suitable for beginners with little flying experience
  • FPV live image transmission directly to the smartphone
  • The battery can be easily replaced
  • Great flight modes and features
  • Very good price/performance ratio


  • No gimbal system available
  • Camera quality not on professional level


The model performed very well in our test. The functions are, if you keep the price in mind, simply great. Therefore the Potensic Mini Drone gets a very good rating from us.

This model should be especially interesting for newcomers, also because of the low price, so the entry hurdle is much lower. In addition, there are many flight modes, which make flying much easier. In addition, there are functions such as headless mode, flight path plan and gravity induction mode, which also enrich the flying experience.

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