Ricoh WG-M2 Test: Photo and video recording, battery life and material check

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The Ricoh WG-M2 action camera is pretty fancy compared to other cams. It’s quite small, compact and has a side camera lens with a 204-degree ultra-wide-angle lens.

Technical equipment

With the camera you can record video at up to 30 frames per second at a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, or 4K at 8 megapixels. The design is a bit fancy, you can choose between 2 different colours: orange and silver.

Without additional housing it is waterproof up to 20 meters. It also withstands extreme minus temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.

The Ricoh WG-M2 action camera measures 7.8 x 5.7 x 3.4 cm and weighs a full 136 g.

Buyers appreciate the fact that the model is very robust and can easily withstand a drop height of up to 2 meters. The housing, which is built around the sensitive electronics, protects the cam from water, dust, sand, extreme temperatures and violent shocks. You do not need an extra housing or any other components.


It also features a 1.5 inch LCD monitor, which displays the shots perfectly. The screen has an LCD orientation function. This aligns the video recording according to the position of the camera so that it can be adjusted in 4 different settings and can always be recorded upright, no matter what position the cam is in.

You can also choose from 7 different recording modes or picture effects for better recording quality. Afterwards you have the possibility to edit the pictures afterwards.

Typical action cameras come with a waterproof housing, but damping from the housing is clearly audible in the audio track. In the Ricoh WG-M2, a high-quality stereo microphone is located in the area of the camera lens, which is exposed and produces pleasant audio tracks. Internally, the camera regulates the recording so that wind noise is suppressed.

Via Wi-Fi you can control the camera and transfer pictures to your smartphone or tablet. It is possible to set different camera functions and share the pictures with friends and acquaintances on social networks.

You can find a corresponding app in the App Store or Google Play for iPhones and Android devices.

How good is the image quality?

The 14 mm ultra wide angle lens captures enough light to take good quality photos and videos even in the twilight.

In addition, the camera has an exposure correction function that allows you to correct incorrect exposures manually. This is often caused by strong backlighting or insufficient brightness in rooms.

In addition, a “Shake Reduction Function” is used to reduce the visible shaking forces during filming.

Videos are recorded in the standard format 16 to 9 with 4K at 30 fps, but you can also use the Full-HD standard and record with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 60 frames per second.

The high-quality chipset thus achieves an amazingly high bit rate of 100 Mbps. The high colour density and the enormous depth of focus of the image and video recordings are particularly noticeable.

For better control, the camera signals vibrations when a video recording is started or stopped.

The underwater mode is particularly interesting for divers. Compared to standard recording, videos in underwater mode appear much more saturated and colour balanced.

Advantages and disadvantages

Admittedly, the price is a bit steep, but the special design and features make this camera a model that is quite fancy and especially suitable for extreme athletes.


  • Very good image quality
  • Camera has an underwater mode
  • Does not require a cover – is waterproof up to 20 meters even without a case
  • Withstands extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Simple, intuitive camera control
  • 204 degree ultra wide angle lens
  • High resolution 4k video recording at 30 fps and up to 100 Mbps
  • Very robust workmanship
  • High quality microphone
  • Wide range of functions and features


  • High price
  • Photos with a maximum of 8 megapixels


This is a very unusual camera model, but many people love this design. Furthermore the price-performance ratio is really top!

We can warmly recommend the Ricoh WG-M2 action camera to everyone. Here on Amazon you will find suitable offers!


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