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We took a close look at the Typhoon Q500 4K drone from Yuneec, because according to network research it is said to have a really good camera and to deliver excellent, wobble-free pictures.

Typhoon Q500 kaufenShort time after the order the aircraft arrived well packed in a big suitcase by mail.

So, if you like to go on vacation and want to take the drone with you, you should create some space in your car.

In our test, the Typhoon Q500 4K convinced us especially in the points resolution, quality and the smooth transmission of the live image.

For 700-800€ at shops like www.amazon.de you can get a top drone with a high quality remote control, which has an integrated screen.

If you would like to get a visual impression of the device, you can watch our product presentation of the Typhoon Q500 4K drone on Youtube.

In the test we wanted to take a closer look at the camera image and the image transmission. Besides we also checked the flight characteristics, speed and stability in the air.

The device was directly compared with other drones and if the Typhoon Q500 4K is really as good as you can read on other test portals.

Test overview – Is the Typhoon Q500 4K worth its money?

Let’s start with the test report. The Typhoon Q500 does not need to be synchronized with an app on your smartphone like many other drones!

Instead, the camera delivers the live images directly to the remote control.

It has a high quality display that delivers razor sharp images and this without any jerking or interruptions. Compared to other devices in this price class, image transmission and stability are outstanding!

For photos and aerial shots where quality is required, this drone is perfect!

During the flight over long distances we felt quite safe, because the picture arrived on the display without delay and the possibility to fly carefree after the picture on the remote control.

This offers many setting options, including several flight modes and speed levels.

The flight stability and agility are okay but rather average. This is due to the fact that the Typhoon Q500 with a weight of over 1130 g (without battery) is a bit heavier than lighter competitors in its price range.

In the following some points of criticism in the overview:


  • High camera resolution
  • Uninterrupted image transmission
  • Simple operation
  • High quality display
  • Wide range of accessories
  • 20-25 min flight time per battery


  • Big suitcase
  • Dimensions of the drone
  • High weight

But as you can see in the aerial photos, despite its size and weight, the drone lies quite stable in the air and takes very good pictures.

Comparison to other drones

With a frame rate of up to 120 frames per second, the Typhoon Q500 4K almost has a unique selling point on the drone market.

The Chinese manufacturer Yuneec has deliberately launched an aircraft with a 4K resolution in order to position itself on the market.

With an integrated image monitoring in the remote control and a SteadyGrip, which offers the possibility to take ground shots, this drone creates 2 unique selling points.

Typhoon Q500 kaufenFor the recordings on the ground, you can remove the camera from the drone and put it on the SteadyGrip and shoot ordinary videos without the drone.

Compared to the DJI Phantom 3, the Typhoon Q500 4K is a little more ponderous in the air.

But if you don’t want to set speed records and just want to take nice pictures, the Typhoon Q500 4K is the right aircraft for you.

Remote Control & Display

The remote control lies well and comfortably in the hand. You feel safe when flying, it is not too heavy, too light and not too big.

The following is an overview of the most important controls of the drone:

#1 Left Joystick

With the left joystick you control the Typhoon Q500 just like any other drone.

Forward or down: Drone rises or falls. Stick is moved to the left or right: drone rotates around its own axis.

#2 Photo release

If you want to capture that one image in the livestream on the display, just press this shutter button and the image will be saved on the SD card.

#3 Start/Stop button

With this button you start the drone and stop the engines after landing.

#4 Remote control on/off switch

Sliding the switch up will start the remote control.

#5 Modes

With this lever you change the individual flight modes, later you will learn more about it.

#6 Video start

When you press this switch, the drone’s camera starts recording. The data is stored on the SD card, which you can easily transfer to a PC or laptop later.

The right joystick moves the drone in the horizontal plane. If you move the lever forwards, backwards, to the right or left, the drone flies in the corresponding direction.

#1 Remote Control Battery Charging

Make sure that the battery in the remote control is never too low, otherwise radio communication may fail.

#2 Battery charge of the drone

The drone can be flown up to 25 minutes per fully charged battery. A warning signal is given as soon as the charge drops below a certain level, so that the drone can still land in time.

#3 Altitude

This value in meters is the relative height in relation to the point where the drone was switched on.

#4 Speed

The speed is given in kilometers per hour, in English: kilometers per hour and thus in “kph”. This is the relative speed to the ground.

#5 Distance

Here you can see in which distance the drone is currently located.

#6 Headphone input

For headphones & headsets.

#7 USB input

The remote control of the drone can be loaded via the micro-USB input.

It has a battery which is sufficient for approximately 4 flight units, each 20-25 minutes. At least it lasted that long in our test.

After 4 flights we recommend to charge the remote control.

Technical data of the Typhoon Q500 4K

Manufacturer Yuneec
Name Typhoon Q500 4K
Flight duration 25 min
Dimensions 240 x 420mm
Weight without camera 1130g
Battery 5400mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo
Remote control 10-channel 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz FPV (video)
Flight altitude 122 meters
Rate of ascent 3m/s
Sink rate 2m/s
Flight modes Smart/Angle/Home Mode
Rotation speed 65°/s
Tilt angle 35°
Camera 12 megapixels
Video resolution 4K
Max. FPS 60 frames per second
Field of view 130°
Video transmission range up to 300m in Germany

The data show that this is a very high-quality drone, which is particularly suitable for videos and pictures.

In the following we would like to go into more detail about certain sizes to give you a better overview.

Weight of the drone

The weight of the drone without camera, battery and without further load is 1130g. The camera, however, also has a weight of 185g. In addition there is the battery.

All in all the take-off weight is 1700g, which makes the drone less agile and faster to steer compared to lighter aircraft.

Video resolution & image quality

The video resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels. Compared to other drones we have tested, we have found this drone to be one of the best in terms of image quality in this price segment.

It is possible to record videos and take screenshots/photos during flight. The trigger for this is on the remote control.

Flight modes

There are 3 flight modes in total:

– Angle-

Angle Mode

When the drone is in Angle Mode, it moves in the air to exactly where you move the stick, starting from the drone tip.

So if you stand with the tip facing you and move the right stick on the remote control forward, it will fly to you.

Smart Mode

In smart mode, the drone always moves in the direction in which the joystick is moved, completely independent of the position of the drone tip.

So it doesn’t matter if the Typhoon Q500 4K is pointed towards you or away from you, it will move away from your position when the stick is moved forward.

Home fashion

If the drone is set to homemode, it will fly back to the original starting point no matter where it is.

Flight level

The maximum flying altitude is 122m. However, this is only the limit set by the manufacturer.

With each start the drone is “zeroed”. Therefore the 122m is a relative size, it depends from where the Typhoon Q500 4K is started.

For example, if you are standing on a 200 meter high tower and the drone takes off from there, the altitude to take off is 0 meters.

However, there is an altitude limit programmed in for safety reasons, which cannot be exceeded. It is about 2,500 meters above sea level.

In the mountains, the aircraft cannot take off from 2,500 meters!

Observe the legal framework!

FPV signal

The FPV signal has a frequency of 5.8 Ghz. FPV stands for “First Person Flight”. The quality of the image transmission is so good that you can observe and control the drone without problems only via the screen. (first person perspective)

Unfortunately there are no FPV glasses available for this model.


The remote control offers you yet another adjustment possibility to directly influence the performance of the engines and thus also the agility.

For this purpose there is a lever on the right side of the remote control which can be moved continuously and the drone can be adjusted between turtle and hash mode.

We think this way the drone is especially good for beginners, because the movements of the joysticks in turtle mode have less effect on the tilt angle of the Typhoon Q500.


The propellers can be simply screwed on like any other drone.

There are 2 different types of propellers:

Propeller “A” & Propeller “B”.

This is due to the fact that they turn 2 opposite propellers in opposite directions to ensure stability and at the same time have to generate lift. Therefore they have a different geometry.

When screwing the propellers on, make sure you tighten them properly, otherwise they might come loose in flight!

Conclusion about the Typhoon Q500 4K drone

The recordings of our test flights were surprisingly good. For the price, the Typhoon Q500 4K definitely makes a very good impression.

According to our drones test it is worth its money anyway. Compared to the previous model, the camera and the image transmission has been improved a lot.

The better camera is this one point that especially hobby photographers can decide to buy this aircraft.

For speed junkies we found the drone rather unsuitable. If you like to fly risky, brave and fast maneuvers and races, take a look at a drone from DJI.

What we liked best was the totally simple operation and the live image transmission.

Smooth images are displayed pin sharp in the livestream without delay on the screen of the remote control. A real plus point!

Typhoon Q500 kaufenEven much more expensive devices can’t do it better, but shine with more sophisticated flight characteristics.

On Amazon.de this drone is already available for about 700-800 €.

In the video above we have summarized the most important things for you. Inform yourself well before you buy a drone in this price category.

Compared to the DJI Phantom 3 the drone is quite big. Also the case in which the drone is packed has considerable dimensions and takes up a lot of storage space in the car.

Last but not least, the Typhoon Q500 4K drone from Yuneec is a classic entry-level product for people with a penchant for high-quality video and photo shoots.

We will gladly answer your questions. Just write us a comment on Youtube below the video and don’t forget to subscribe ;).


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