JJRC X11 drone test: photo, video, range and flight time

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In our last test, we took a close look at the JJR / C X11 5G drone. This model has a single-axis gimbal and a good camera. It is also available for a reasonable price and is currently more than half the price.

The innovative flight technology of the quadrocopter, the appealing design and the multitude of intelligent flight modes make the JJR / C X11 5G drone a real all-rounder for newcomers.

We were particularly impressed by the overall package of the drone. There are so many great functions, such as the multi-point flight, the Follow-Me function, the Return To Home mode and the automatic take-off/landing.

In addition, the aircraft can float in the air in a completely stable manner and maintain its height without the drone pilot having to operate the model or actively intervene in the flight process.

The JJR / C X11 5G drone also looks great, you can fold it up easily and stow it much lighter and easier.

Thanks to the integrated WiFi function, there is also plenty of flying fun. For example, you can control the quadrocopter from the first-person perspective, use GPS and let the drone fly back to you at the push of a button.

Here you can watch our video review:

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Technical data

The drives of the JJR / C X11 5G drone, provide for a strong lift and an enormously high acceleration. Here 4 electric motors of the type 2204 with up to 1350 kV were installed.

The quadrocopter is controlled with a remote control plus smartphone holder and an app.

As far as the transmission of the radio remote control is concerned, you can operate the model up to a transmission range of 1600 meters. However, the 5G WIFI only maintains a stable image transmission up to 800 metres, where the images are displayed in detail without distortion or picture errors.

Sometimes these image errors appear from 300 meters. Correctly, a 5G WIFI real time transmission range of 300 to 800 meters should be specified.

With this model an especially stable flight attitude is absolutely guaranteed. The drone pilot can simply take his fingers off the controls and the quadrocopter will still remain stable in hovering flight without drifting off in one direction.

Among other things, this is ensured by the combination of precise GPS positioning, visual positioning and optical river positioning. The drone can withstand wind resistance up to level 3. The maximum flight speed is approximately 40 kilometres per hour, with a maximum ascent speed of 3 m/s and a maximum descent speed of 2 m/s.

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The design of the JJR / C X11 5G drone is very simple, straightforward and compact. You can take the model with you wherever you go without getting problems, because the drone can be folded up easily and unfolded again quickly. The propellers are also easy to fold.

We also liked the lighting very much. Below the drone, there are five lights. 2 of them in the rear area are normal white, in the front segment they have the colours light blue and normal blue. The lights are directed downwards.

Apart from that there are no special colour features on the JJR / C X11 5G drone. The main material is black ABS plastic, which also forgives the one or other crash or collision.

When unfolded, the model has a footprint of 41.5 cm x 45.2 cm, when folded it measures 11.5 cm x 19.5 cm. The height is always 7 cm.


The JJR / C X11 5G drone is equipped with a 2K camera, which provides you with breathtaking pictures. We were surprised that the picture quality is so good at this price. It also has a 110 degree wide angle lens, which gives you a very good panoramic view.

With this cam you can capture breathtaking moments. It can also be adjusted in one axis by 90 degrees.

Real professional photographers will not consider this camera sufficient, but will have to look for a better model. For beginners and advanced photographers, however, the cam is completely sufficient.

Battery and flight time

The quadrocopter has a very strong battery, it provides enough potential at an operating voltage of 7.6 volts to supply the powerful electric motors with a lot of energy. The flight battery has a charging capacity of 3400 mAh. With this amount of charge, you can fly for up to 20 minutes at a time, after that you have to exchange or recharge the battery.

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Advantages and disadvantages

So that you can get a better overall picture of the JJR / C X11 5G drone in the end, we now compare the most important advantages and disadvantages. So it is easier for you to decide whether this model is suitable for your missions or not.


  • Very stable flight attitude thanks to extensive sensor technology and automatic flight control
  • 5G WiFi transmission for better and faster real-time image transfer
  • Built-in GPS positioning system for stable hovering flight
  • The maximum flying speed is about 40 kilometers per hour
  • 2K camera with 110 degrees wide angle – ideal for high-quality private shots
  • You can fly the drone for up to 20 minutes at a time thanks to its powerful flight battery
  • Very well suitable for beginners
  • Super price/performance ratio
  • The dimensions are very compact and the design is foldable
  • There are many great flight modes and functions that increase the fun of flying


  • Not particularly suitable for professionals
  • Unfortunately it does not have a 4K camera


In our tests the JJR / C X11 5G drone performed very well. Basically we can recommend this quadrocopter to every newcomer.

We became more and more aware of this bargain price and the very good price/performance ratio during the tests, because we clearly felt the quality of the drone. Especially because the flight characteristics are absolutely amazing.

Especially the handling is very easy and if you have some flying experience after a few hours of flying, you can fly fast and daring manoeuvres. The electric motors have a lot of pressure and provide rapid acceleration.

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