Potensic D60 FPV GPS drone test, photo, video, range and flight time


In this review we would like to introduce another drone from the brand Potensic.

This quadrocopter is very well suited for newcomers and has a great price/performance ratio.

After having tested more than 100 drones, including many top brands, we can now judge very well how good a quadrocopter really is.

In the test we liked the Potensic Brushless FPV drone very well. We paid close attention to the flight behaviour, the workmanship of the aircraft and special features.

In this test report we give you a small evaluation and show you what the model can do.

Here you can watch our complete video review:

Technical data of the Potensic Brushless FPV Drone

Remote control with drone

The drone has many great technical features at an unbeatable price. Included is a GPS positioning system which keeps the quadrocopter perfectly on its flight path. In our drones test this also worked wonderfully and the model maintained its stable flight attitude.

Thanks to the GPS system, the drone can not only fly stable, but also return automatically to the starting point.

The drone is driven by 4 brushless electric motors, which are particularly powerful and ensure fast, strong acceleration and a high final speed of the quadrocopter.

There is also an optical image acquisition system. This is a visual altitude holding system which also keeps the drone stable during flight.

The built-in 1080P HD camera hangs on a single-axis gimbal. This ensures a more stable video recording in flight. Thanks to the 5G 1300FT transmission, the data is sent directly to the smartphone and you can follow the flight in real time from the ego perspective on your smartphone.

In our opinion, the Potensic Brushless FPV GPS Drone is, at first glance, worth the money in terms of technical details!

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Rotors and camera

This model has a very modern camera with a 110 degree FOV lens. This lens captures high quality photos and videos. You can also enjoy a unique panoramic view from the air with the wide angle, the pictures will appear in real time on your smartphone.

An additional built-in gravity sensor enables the drone to adjust to the ideal shooting angle fully automatically.

The crystal-clear images are sent directly from the 1080p HD camera via 5G transmission and you can control the drone from the ego perspective in FPV mode.

The maximum image transmission distance is up to 300 meters. So you can enjoy the scenery even at a distance of 300 meters in 1080P quality.

Below the drone, there is another small mini-camera, which is only responsible for the optical altitude holding. With this cam you can unfortunately not take pictures or videos.

Design and appearance

Especially the look of the drone inspired us to test the Potensic Brushless FPV GPS Drone. Above it has a silver colouring, otherwise it is to be seen in matt black.

The rotors are quite large, but the rotor blades are made of a resistant material. So in case of a collision they easily survive. Unfortunately there is no additional rotor protection.

Due to the large rotor blades, the lift is generated by the rotations over a very large area. Therefore the quadrocopter flies even more stable and is much easier to control.

You can also fly with the quadrocopter in the dark or twilight, because the model has lights in pairs. There are 2 green lights in the front and 2 red lights in the back, so you can always estimate the angle of the drone to you.

Unfortunately the arms of the Potensic drone are fixed, so there is no possibility to fold them up to save some space.

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Flight time and battery

The scope of delivery includes a flight battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh. This provides enough power for up to 20 minutes of flight time, provided the FPV transmission is switched off. You can insert and replace the battery very easily.

Of course, flight time also depends on how much you use the drone. If you fly strong manoeuvres with frequent acceleration and braking, the quadrocopter will not be able to fly as long in a row because the flight battery will run down much faster. The FPV transmission also requires an additional amount of charge carriers per unit of time, so of course you can fly much longer with the transmission switched off.

Flight characteristics

Due to the extensive safety systems, the Potensic Brushless FPV GPS Drone flies very stable. Especially beginners will find it easy to get used to the flight characteristics of the quadrocopter.

The quadrocopter immediately accepts control commands and executes them immediately.

However, if you are flying the drone for the first time, we recommend that you fly in an open field, as the probability of colliding with other objects is much lower. Otherwise, if you already have some practice, there is also the possibility to fly indoors, because the drone is very safe in the air.

Flight Modes

Automatic return function: Since the Potensic Brushless Drone has a well functioning GPS system, the drone can always be sent home on command. This home point is usually the starting point. The Return To Home mode is automatically started when the connection is lost or the flight battery is empty.

Alarm function: The model also has an alarm. If the battery is very low or the drone is out of range, a beep will sound.

Assets and drawbacks


  • Very easy to control and ideal for beginners
  • Super price/performance ratio
  • Great design and appearance
  • Large and powerful electric drives
  • Reliable GPS positioning system
  • Optical height holding system
  • Modern remote control with holder for a mobile device
  • Secure and stable transmission of video data in real time to the smartphone
  • It is possible to fly FPV
  • Rapid acceleration and high speed
  • Good 1080P camera


  • Does not have 4K resolution
  • Unfortunately the arms of the quadrocopter are not foldable


Scope of delivery

We liked this aircraft very much and we gladly recommend the drone to others. You will hardly get a better quadrocopter in this price segment! What bothers us a bit is the fact that the arms unfortunately cannot be folded. For professionals it could be a problem that the resolution of the camera is not in the range of 4K, so this model is rather something for beginners and advanced users.

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