Hexo+ test: photo, video, flight behaviour, flight time and function test

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Today we will introduce you to a drone of a special type, namely a hexacopter. In most cases, the remote-controlled flying objects presented by us are quadrocopters. In this article we make an exception and show you what the Hexo+ Drone has to offer.

The price is about 500€, depending on which shop you buy the model in. Included are the drone itself, propeller, battery, battery charger and a manual.

Usually a gimbal system is also included. Pay attention to the description in the online shop.

What we find really cool about the Hexo+ is the autonomous flight possibility. All you have to do is select the camera movement on your smartphone and the drone does everything fully automatically, i.e. it takes off by itself, flies autonomously and lands again without additional help. A real highlight, for which the price is worth the effort!

Technical data

Drone in flight

Thanks to the predictive tracking algorithm and the high-quality image build-up logic, the Hexo+ follows you wherever you go.

The system works very reliably and you can be sure that the drone will not crash. Even if one propeller fails, the other 5 will keep your model in the air.

What is particularly striking is the enormous size of the copter. It probably won’t fit in your backpack, but you can unbuckle it on the outside. The gimbal system, feet and rotors can be removed without any problems.

Thanks to its enormous size and the large number of enormously powerful engines, the Hexo+ can reach 70 kilometres per hour. So you can easily be filmed at various leisure activities, even at those where you move quite fast.

Even strong gusts of wind or fast movement forms are no problem. The Hexo+ has been designed and developed exactly for such rough applications.

The remote control

What is also unusual is that you don’t need a remote control to operate it, only your smartphone. Here you can make the most important settings, like camera movement, position of the copter and so on.

Assets and drawbacks



  • Fully automatic tracking and autonomous flying without any intervention
  • Was developed especially for Follow-Me by professionals
  • All settings can be made via smartphone
  • Reaches enormously high speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour
  • Film yourself effortlessly at various leisure activities and hobbies
  • It is a high-quality Hexakopter


  • Pretty big – so you have to think of a way to transport it
  • Legal situation in Germany problematic


Hexo+ Conclusion

In conclusion: This quadrocopter is really worth its money! However, there are 2 big disadvantages that such a drone brings with it and these are the German laws. Because the operation of fully autonomous drone models has not been certified, especially in Germany and Austria, as it is the case in Canada, for example, so the operation is in the legal grey area.

According to the manufacturer, however, it is possible to retrofit the Hexo+ with a conventional remote control. In fact, the lack of the possibility to intervene in the flying process with a standard remote control causes many problems, because this model no longer falls under the air traffic regulations for model flying, but must be treated differently legally.

Still, the Hexo+ is a lot of fun and the 4K camera, tracking system and gimbal system do a great job. We can therefore recommend the drone to everyone, but please pay attention to the strange legal situation!

Here you can have a closer look at the drone in the shop!


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