Jamicy RC Quadcopter test, photo, video, range and flight characteristics

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We present you today once again a great drone with camera for beginners, which has a very good price and also has a very high flight time.

The dimensions of the model are also compact and you can even fold the quadrocopter.

Also included is a FPV function. This means that you can use a smartphone underneath the remote control and receive the live image of the drone in real time. This makes the flight experience much more exciting. Theoretically, you could even use 3D VR glasses to control the model ideally from the first-person perspective.

Impressive are also the many LED lights, which round off the design perfectly and enable you to fly with the drone at night.

Technical details and components

With the 4-channel remote control you can control the quadrocopter in any direction. Both up and down, as well as forward, backward and the rotation around its own axis. The control is possible up to a range of about 100 meters.

You can also perform spectacular 360-degree flips and somersaults with the drone at the touch of a button.

For flight stabilization a gyroscope has been installed, which balances the quadrocopter over 6 axes.


Despite the low price, the drone makes a very high-quality and cool impression. The material used here is ABS, which is a thermoplastic terpolymer with increased impact strength. This makes the flying object more resistant and also forgives one or two crashes.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can take the model with you wherever you go. When unfolded the dimensions are: 32,8 cm x 32,8 cm and when folded: 10,9 cm x 15 cm.

The dominant colour of the drone is black with some golden ornaments and patterns. Compared to other models the feet are arranged slightly different. So there is not right and left, but in front and behind a wide base.

On the retractable drives are the propellers, which are also made of a resistant material.


At the front in the lower area a 0.3 MP strong HD camera in wide-angle format has been installed. Although this is a rather small number of pixels, it is a special feature that a drone in this price segment has a camera at all. In addition, the images from the cam can be transferred automatically and in real time to the smartphone via Wifi.

Unfortunately, there is no gimbal system that automatically balances the camera. But you can’t expect that from a drone in this price segment.

Battery, flight time and range

The flight battery of this drone model is really the absolute hammer. Thanks to the modern Li-Po battery technology and a total charge quantity of 1800 mAh, the drone can achieve a total flight time of up to 20 minutes at a stretch, with a full charge.

Exactly this is also a point which makes the drone especially recommendable. Especially beginners benefit from this enormously high battery power and extended flight time. An inexperienced drone pilot thus has more time at a stretch to familiarise himself with the flight characteristics and controls.

As already mentioned, the transmitting power is rather in the middle range and the drone can be controlled at a distance of up to 100 meters.

How can the Jamicy RC drone be flown?

Even though the Jamicy drone is so enormously affordable, it has some technical advantages that make it much easier to control the model.

This includes for example the 3 speed levels. Here the beginner can slowly approach shorter reaction times and higher speeds.

Furthermore a headless mode is integrated. Which is especially suitable for those of you who quickly get orientation problems when steering the drone.

This allows the flight model to be moved in all directions, regardless of how the quadrocopter is aligned. As soon as you pull the stick towards you, the drone will also fly in your direction, even if it is standing sideways.

Thanks to the gyroscope (6-axis gyroscope), the drone will always stabilize itself and go into automatic hovering flight, even after a 360 degree flip. So you can keep your hands off the remote control and the quadrocopter will not crash.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Foldable and modern design
  • Incredibly powerful 1800 mAh battery – lasts for up to 20 minutes flight time
  • FPV operation – images are transmitted to your smartphone in real time via WLAN (more real flight experience)
  • 4-channel remote control and 360 degree flips at the push of a button
  • Very stable flight attitude thanks to extensive sensor technology
  • Automatic height maintenance integrated
  • One Key Return
  • Powerful drives – therefore also well suited for outdoor use


  • Resolution of the camera is only 0.3 MP


The Jamicy RC drone is the ideal flying model for beginners and at the best price.

Thanks to the 1800 mAh battery, this model can fly for 20 minutes. In this price segment we have not yet come across a model with this endurance, which significantly increases the price/performance ratio!

In addition, you can also steer the drone in light gusts of wind, as the motors are quite powerful for this price and also offer greater wind resistance.

The FPV live image transmission takes it one step further and gives the pilot an even more realistic flight experience.

All in all, there is hardly anything to complain about and many advantages, only the camera could be a bit better in its resolution quality. For a model which is available for less than 50 €, the quality and features are damn good and therefore the Jamicy RC drone is highly recommended!

Here you can buy the Jamicy drone for a reasonable price!


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