DJI Mavic Mini Alternative JJRC X12 GPS 5G WiFi Test: photo, video, range, flight time and behavior

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In this review we would like to introduce the JJRC X12 GPS 5G WiFi drone and find out if it is a cheaper alternative to the DJI Spark or the DJI Mavic Mini.

You can watch the full video review here:

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The model can also be folded, has similar dimensions and the design is also very much reminiscent of the Spark.

So if you are looking for a particularly inexpensive camera drone that records at FullHD resolution, this low-cost offer might be something for you.

Gearbest is first and foremost a dealer who sells a wide range of technical equipment via the Internet. Currently, the JJRC X12 is offered at a discount.

As far as range is concerned, the small remote-controlled model aircraft is clearly ahead of the rest in the drone market in this price segment.

Because with 1200 meters maximum transmission range, hardly any other quadrocopter can compete at this price. The 5G Wifi and the image transmission, but only reaches about 1000 meters.

Please note that it is forbidden to fly so far away in Germany. For a few years now, stricter laws have been in force here, which among other things stipulate that drones may only be flown within visual range!

The flight time of the small quadrocopter is very impressive. After all, the manufacturer promises that you can stay in the air with the drone for up to 25 minutes without having to change the battery in between. A large flight battery with a full 2400 mAh ensures this. This is a 3S Lipo battery, which works at a voltage of 11.4 volts.

More technical details

JJRC X12 Drone starting

This model is available in different versions and sizes, which you can select in the shop at Gearbest before buying. Basically, you can choose between a 4K or a 1080P cam. You can also order the JJRC X12 with 4 flight batteries.

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The JJRC X12 is also the perfect drone for beginners. Due to its incredibly precise flight characteristics and stability, it stands perfectly in the air when you release the stick on the remote control. This is ensured by 4 positioning systems, which always balance the quadrocopter, even if the occasional gust of wind comes.

Integrated is for example a GPS positioning, which allows you to locate the quadrocopter at any time. This feature also allows you to let the drone fly back to the starting point at the push of a button, because the starting point is saved at the time of launch.

The exact altitude is determined by GPS, additionally values like the current altitude, speed in real time, distance and some other flight data are provided for evaluation.

Since the JJRC X12 GPS drone is a very modern flight model, it naturally also has an optical positioning system. These systems are now very mature and can be found more and more often on the drone market.

JJRC X12 Drone

A model which has an optical positioning system is usually very modern and of high quality, because behind it is a high technical performance.

If the drone does not have a GPS system available to it to position itself, as is often the case indoors, the quadrocopter can stabilize and align itself via the optical system. This allows you to fly through narrow and narrow spaces without collision.

Because the small cameras notice every movement that deviates from the currently intended flight attitude. This data is then evaluated in the drone, whereupon the speeds of the rotors immediately adjust and balance the model.

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In addition, the JJRC X12 features ultrasonic positioning. This means that the current altitude of the drone is additionally determined and offset against the other data from the remaining sensors and GPS. The quadrocopter then stabilizes.

All systems for stabilization are perfectly developed and provide a fantastic flying experience!

Camera and recording function

Camera of the JJRC X12 Drone

You can choose between 2 different camera systems in the shop, as already mentioned at the beginning. There is the 1080P camera and of course there is also a version of the drone with 4K resolution.

The price difference between the 4K and the 1080p version is only 10 dollars. However, if you just want a flight battery, the difference is $75. We still recommend the 4K camera system, because the resolution is much better, which is reflected in the quality of the photos.

However, the 4K only refer to the photo shoots, you can only film with a 1080p resolution. With 1920 x 1080 pixels, you can make very good video recordings, but if you keep the compact size of the camera in mind, this is of course an excellent performance!

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In addition, the camera has a zoom lens, so it can focus quickly and easily. This is often particularly advantageous in video recording. Because thanks to the lens, it is possible to change the recording area as quickly as possible by adjusting the focal length without having to change the position in relation to the observed object.

Modes and intelligent flight control

Of course, the drone also has a few great flight modes, which we would like to introduce to you briefly.

Remote control of JJRC X12 drone

As already mentioned, there is a Return To Home function. If you want, you can let the quadrocopter return to the starting point at any time. The landing deviates only slightly from the original starting point.

To use this mode, however, it is essential that the GPS is active and a connection to the satellites is available so that the system can correctly determine the current position of the drone. This function is especially helpful if you get lost or the drone is difficult to recognize.

The manufacturer has of course also provided an intelligent tracking mode. The special thing about this is that it is not only a typical Follow Me function, but that you can also film yourself from different perspectives.

The flight model can fly from an angle defined by you beforehand, stand parallel to you while tracking or from a different perspective. In our opinion this feature is particularly well suitable for VLOGs, because you can arrange the photographs substantially more creatively.

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Point of interest should be known by almost everybody. Of course the JJRC X12 has this flight mode. You set a point on the map and define a radius that the drone should fly. The model films the centre point you have chosen. Such a function makes a very good impression, because the perfect circular movement could not be done so precisely manually.

When flying to a waypoint, you can set some points on the map, then the model flies over them and films them.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Outstanding performance
  • Perfectly suited for beginners and advanced students
  • Super price/performance ratio
  • The model has a very high transmission range
  • 3 axis gimbal stabilization for perfectly balanced video recordings
  • The drone has 4 stabilization systems for an ideal flight attitude
  • High flight time up to 25 minutes
  • Exchangeable battery
  • The remote control also has a battery that can be charged
  • 4K photo and 1080p video recording possible
  • High flight stability and agility
  • The model reacts quickly to control commands and reaches high speeds
  • Images are transferred to your smartphone in real time thanks to 5G WiFi
  • Foldable design


  • No gesture control as with de DJI Spark available


In our opinion, this model is very much a good alternative to the DJI Spark. Normally we do not think much of replicated drones. But this one has so many great features and is technically mature.

>> JJRC X12 Drohne kaufen* <<

That is why we are happy to recommend them to others. The only thing that bothers us is the lack of gesture control, which unfortunately does not exist in this drone compared to the Spark.

There is even a mode that is especially suitable for beginners, in which flying becomes even easier. So you can’t go wrong with the JJRC X12 GPS Drone, it’s available from around $250 and has many of the features of a professional drone.

>> JJRC X12 Drohne kaufen* <<


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