JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone test, photo, video and range


A drone that is very well suited for newcomers must not only float stably in the air and be easy to control, but also be affordable.

We have already tested affordable quadrocopters for beginners very often. In this test report we would like to introduce you to another product, which is also worth the money and has many cool features.

We are talking about the JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone. It has a 1080P camera and works with a Double GPS system. There is also the possibility to fly the drone alone in FPV mode, which is really cool and special for this price!

In addition, the camera also has a 2-axis stabilisation gimbal. This automatically adjusts the camera angle of the drone, which of course results in the best possible bird’s eye view.

It’s not so bad if you haven’t had that much flying experience. Because the JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone has an extensive and safe stabilisation system, including GPS. For the price you will find this feature actually quite rare.

All in all, this is a bargain, the exact details of the product are presented in this test report. If the drone is really good, we show you in our video review:

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Technical data and facts

The total package of the JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone really impressed us. The aircraft floats very stable in place in the air, if you keep your fingers off the control sticks. Also the camera works very reliable and takes great photos and videos.

With the 5G WIFI, the images are transferred directly from the camera to your smartphone, which you can insert into the corresponding holder on the remote control. This gives you the possibility to control the drone from the FPV perspective.

This means that you get the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of the drone.

The WIFI signal has a maximum range of 200 to 300 meters. The distance over which you can control the drone is up to 500 meters.

This could be made even more realistic with FPV glasses, but unfortunately there are no such accessories for this drone model. For a lot of flight fun is provided.

There are of course 4 very powerful drives, which set the propellers in a remarkable rotation and drive the drone very powerfully. These are so-called brushless motors, which can achieve a particularly high number of revolutions.

The camera

The JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone is equipped with a powerful 1080P camera. It has a video and photo resolution of 1920 x 1080P. The maximum frame rate is 25 frames per second. The pictures are stored on a TF memory card. This must not exceed the maximum storage capacity of 32 Gb. Unfortunately, such a card is not included in the scope of delivery.

The camera is adjustable in an angle of 120 degrees and works with a 2 axis gimbal system.

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Design of the drone

The design of the drone reminds us a bit of the DJI Phantom. At first sight this model even looks identical, but the camera and the suspension alone are very different. The gimbal system of the DJI Phantom works completely different from the JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone.

The propellers are not only white, but also have black tips. Another distinguishing feature is the JJRC logo above the quadrocopter. This is also a very good way to separate the models.

Great flight functions

We will briefly introduce you to the coolest features the JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone has to offer. These are active and passive flight modes that you can use. In the following video we will introduce all functions in detail:

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Automatic height maintenance

Thanks to the integrated gyroscope and several other sensors, the drone can maintain its current altitude fully automatically. This makes flying a lot easier and especially beginners will find their way around very quickly due to this technical support.

GPS positioning

GPS positioning is very important to keep the JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI UAV in place. The GPS is also required to use important functions such as the Follow Me function, Waypoint Flying or the One Key Return mode.

Thanks to the Dual GPS an even higher accuracy and a lower failure rate is guaranteed, because the drone has more satellites available than with a mono GPS system.

Follow Me Function

With the Follow Me function the drone follows you at every turn. This model will orientate itself on the current location of the remote control and follow it. Since the drone pilot usually holds the control unit in his hand, it will automatically follow the pilot.

Waypoint Flying

The Waypoint Flying function is really cool. Here you simply set the points on the GPS map, which the quadrocopter should fly. Make sure that the distance is not too far, because the maximum transmission range of the remote control is about 500 meters and at 200 to 300 meters it is already over with the transmission of the image data via WIFI.

One Key Return

The drone will return to you at the touch of a button. As soon as the battery is low, this function will also be activated and the quadrocopter will fly back to its origin or starting point.

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Assets and drawbacks

To give you a better overall view of this model, we have summarized the most important advantages and disadvantages for you in an overview.


  • Super for beginners
  • Great model aircraft at a very reasonable price
  • Has many cool functions, such as One Key Return, Waypoint Flying and Follow Me
  • The 5G WIFI system transmits images from the camera in real time
  • Compact dimensions – you can take it almost everywhere
  • Similar in design to the DJI drones
  • 2 axis gyroscope for a more stable image
  • Strong and powerful battery with 3000 mAh and a maximum flight time of about 20-23 minutes


  • Unfortunately the drone is not foldable
  • No 4K camera


Here you get a super cheap drone with many great flight functions and technical features, which we have otherwise only found in much more expensive models.

Therefore we recommend the JJRC X6 Aircus 5G WIFI drone, especially beginners should have a closer look at this model!

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