AOSENMA CG033 test with Wifi FPV + high quality photo and video resolution

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In today’s report, we will again present you a particularly affordable camera drone with 4 powerful brushless motors and a Red Servo Gimbal.

If you buy the drone in the shop of your choice, you have to consider that there is the possibility to choose between different sizes of delivery. For example you can choose the basic version, which does not include a camera or gimbal system, but only the drone itself.

The quadrocopter stands very stable in the air and is therefore perfect for newcomers!

In the shop you can also choose whether the FPV camera should have a range of one kilometer or 300 meters. Here the price difference is not so high.

There are also different servo systems, one with a 1-axis gimbal and one with a 2-axis gimbal.

You can also choose between different colours like red, white, blue and black.

Technical data and facts about the AOSENMA CG033 drone

The drone is equipped with a 6-axis gimbal system, so you can easily start the model and let it float in the air on the spot.

Thanks to the enormous power of the electric motors, the drone accelerates to top speed in a matter of seconds and is also extremely agile and maneuverable in the air. 4 pieces of the type 1406 Brushless with 2900KV are installed.

The remote control also operates at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz. At this frequency a stable and interference-free connection between quadrocopter and remote control is possible.

Design and appearance

You can easily pack the Aosenma CG033 drone and take it with you wherever you go because it folds up easily.

The materials used in the production of the drone are very convincing. The workmanship is also very high quality and should exceed the expectations of the buyer at this price. Here, environmentally friendly ABS material has been used to save weight and at the same time guarantee high resistance.

The rotor blades are also arranged in such a way that they can be easily folded together. You can also disassemble them quickly and easily. The material of the rotors is extremely resistant, so they can withstand the impact of flying against an object or crashing. But you should not provoke it!

As far as the weight is concerned, we are at about 350 g. So you absolutely need a drone license plate, because from a take-off weight of 250 g on, a license plate is mandatory in Germany. When unfolded, the drone measures 39 cm x 39 cm x 7 cm.

Camera and resolution

You should make sure that the camera of a drone really meets your requirements.

A pro will probably not be able to do much with the cam of the Aosenma CG033 drone, because the resolution might be a bit too low for that.

With 2 MP and 1080P resolution which the WiFi camera has, you can create great pictures, which are in their quality in any case for the private hobby use completely sufficient.

We would like to point this out to you again: You have to select the drone including camera and gimbal system in the shop, otherwise only the basic version of the model will be sent to you.

Below the remote control, a cradle can be extended, here you can use your smartphone to receive the FPV live image.

Battery and flight time

The Lipo battery included in the scope of delivery has a charging capacity of 1500 mAh and works at a voltage of about 11.1 Volt.

You can also buy additional replacement batteries on the Internet. A fully charged flight battery has enough charge capacity to keep the drone in the air for about 20 minutes.

How long the quadrocopter can actually fly depends on your flying style. If you accelerate and decelerate very jerkily, the battery may not last that long!

Flight Modes

Follow Me Function

The Follow Me function is a feature where the drone concentrates on and follows the position of the remote control, which is usually in your hand. This creates the impression that the model aircraft is flying after you.

One Key To Return

The One Key To Return function on this model is a feature that allows you to send the drone back to you at the push of a button.

Headless Mode

In headless mode, the drone can be controlled independently of the head orientation. So if the quadrocopter is sideways to you, it will still move towards you as soon as you move the right joystick down.

Low Power Alarm

If the battery level is nearing its end, the drone will make itself felt and you can fly back to you in time or initiate a landing.


The drone is ideal for beginners due to its 6-axis stabilization system and the many functions. The price/performance ratio is also very good, so that we can warmly recommend the quadrocopter model.

Here in the shop you can buy the Aosenma cg033!


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