Liquid Image EGO Action-Cam test: photo, video, battery life

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The Liquid Image EGO Action-Cam is an exceptional sports camera with a round design and a 1/3.0 inch CMOS sensor. The pictures are in best resolution and thanks to Wifi you can use the camera with a smartphone, tablet or other device.

In addition, the camera can be operated via the attached buttons and knobs, which is a bit cumbersome. There are also other disadvantages which the Liquid Image EGO Action-Cam has. One of them is the LCD display, which is unfortunately difficult to read.

Before using the camera, we recommend you to install the app on your smartphone, this is a good way to watch the recordings live and control the cam in the best possible way. The software for the action camera works great and is relatively user-friendly.

Technical properties

liquid image ega actionkamera

Customers praise the compact design in combination with the excellent picture and sound quality. In addition, the cam has a good image stabilisation and therefore no blurred pictures can occur.

The image quality in particular is praised time and again by buyers and is at a genuinely high level of quality. In addition, the price is quite low. In our opinion, the price/performance ratio is definitely right and the camera is definitely worth its money!

Design and appearance

Small, handy and compact. These are the biggest design advantages of the Liquid Image EGO action camera.

It has about the size of a bicycle computer and weighs only 74 grams. Above the card are the buttons to operate the camera. In front the camera sensor. A display on the backside would be advantageous, but there is no display on the backside, so the wifi connection with the smartphone is almost a must-have to operate the device quickly and easily.

Usually the camera is available in the colour blue, but in some shops the model is also available in white, red and black.

Image sensor, resolution and memory


It has a 1/3.0 inch CMOS photo sensor with a 12 megapixel resolution and a 135 degree wide angle lens. The camera produces video recordings up to 1080p, but you can easily set a 720p resolution to save memory.

As storage medium a microSDHC card can be used which is up to 32 Gbyte large. We recommend to format the memory card before the first use!

For which uses is the camera suitable?

Many people complain about the short video runtime of the action camera, so we do not recommend using it as a dashcam. For other outdoor applications it is also suitable for diving, because a waterproof camera housing is included in the delivery.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is perfectly ok for this price. The set includes the following parts:

  • 1x Action Cam “EGO”
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x camera mount
  • 1x adhesive pad
  • 1x transparent protective cover
  • 1x quick start guide
  • 1x instruction manual

Assets and drawbacks


  • Good resolution and excellent image qualityVideo output
  • Very small, unobtrusive and compact camera
  • Has a front LED
  • Integrated Wifi to control the camera with the help of a smartphone or tablet
  • Very good price/performance ratio


  • Unfortunately the camera does not have a display
  • None 4K video resolution
  • Short battery life
  • Cumbersome operation if the camera is used without Wifi and additional device



The Liquid Image EGO Action-Cam has, apart from a good amount of high-quality accessories, a decent video quality and all this at a reasonable price.

There are just some disadvantages you have to deal with, like the short battery life, the complicated handling and the fact that the camera can’t produce 4K videos. Apart from that it is a super small and reliable action camera that you can easily take with you everywhere.

Here on Amazon you can take a closer look at the Liquid Image EGO Action-Cam!


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