AEE Technology LYFE-Silver Action Cam in test: photo, video, sound, underwater test

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The AEE Technology LYFE-Silver Action Cam makes a pretty noble impression with its reflective, black case and modern architecture. That’s exactly why we took a closer look at this camera.

Among other things, it has a 140 degree wide-angle lens with 4x digital zoom and can film at up to 10 frames per second in a 4K Ultra HD video resolution. What you should consider when buying the camera and if it is also suitable for the professionals among you, you will find out in the following report.

Technical specifications

A lot of technology is behind the light, compact and smooth camera body, which has a flush lens that is hardly noticeable. With this camera you can take pictures of yourself during action-packed adventures and film like a pro.

>> AEE LYFE-Silver Action Cam <<

Recorded photos and videos can then be viewed on the 1.8-inch LCD touch screen or on your smartphone. The powerful action camera has an integrated WIFI and Bluetooth interface, which you can connect to your device with the support of an app. Smartphones or tablets are suitable for this purpose, both iOS and Android devices are suitable.

Resolution, photo and video quality

Photo test 1

Built in is a 16 megapixel strong 4K photo sensor, with which you can shoot beautiful and vivid pictures.

Photo test 2

The video resolution values are very good, but in our opinion you could have done something about the frame rate. Because 10 frames per second is pretty lame. If you don’t like that, you can achieve other video resolutions and thus higher FPS values. The videos then still look very good and have lots of details and a nice colour depth.

Photo test in bad light

You can set the following values:

  • 4k at 10 FPS
  • 2.7K at 15 FPS
  • 1440P at 30 FPS
  • 1080P at 60fps
  • 720P at 120 FPS
  • 480P at 240fps

Photos and even videos look very good, but the low frame rate still points to an outdated chipset, meanwhile there are much better microelectronic solutions. Nevertheless, this is grumbling on a high level, because the action camera is extremely cheap!

>> AEE LYFE-Silver Action Cam <<

I have always filmed at 1440p at 30 frames per second, so you get the most beautiful video footage, which is of good quality and still delivers a fluid and dynamic image.

Different modes

Burst, single, continuity selectable modes are available for photo shoots, and video can be recorded in normal, fast motion and slow motion. However, the second one only works with a low resolution due to the frame rate.


Otherwise, as mentioned before, you can simply select different image and video resolutions. Compared to other cameras of this design, the AEE Technology LYFE Silver Action camera doesn’t have many modes and settings, but for this price it’s okay. The menu navigation is quite elegant.

Battery and recording times

A 1050 mAh Li-Ion battery is installed, this is rechargeable. You can take up to 90 minutes of photos and videos with it. However, there is a small disadvantage, because the manufacturer does not offer replacement batteries at the moment, this disturbs us quite a bit, because sometime the battery performance goes down the drain with increasing age and you have to get a replacement battery anyway. If this is not possible, one can unfortunately throw the camera away.

>> AEE LYFE-Silver Action Cam <<

Furthermore it is not possible to extend the runtime with a second battery, if the power is used up, you have to charge the action camera and can’t continue filming or taking pictures.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is somewhat sparse in comparison to other cams in this price range. For beginners certainly sufficient, because there is a deep water housing which is removable and various brackets are also included in the package.

Assets and drawbacks

Let’s let a few hard facts speak for and against this camera. There are certainly some points of criticism, which can be put into perspective in view of the enormously low price.


  • Beautiful 4K video recordings with depth of field and a rich color depth
  • Photo sensor has 16 megapixels
  • Some great shooting modes for the professionals among you
  • Robust housing with attractive, modern design
  • The AEE brand is quite popular in the USA, the products have a high value
  • Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth function – Both Android and iOS devices can be paired with the camera
  • The built-in wide-angle lens with 140 degrees has a 4x digital zoom
  • For beginners, advanced and professionals

>> AEE LYFE-Silver Action Cam <<


  • Only one english manual included
  • At a video resolution of 4k the maximum frame rate is only 10 frames per second
  • For this model there are currently no spare batteries available from the manufacturer which could be exchanged and which could significantly increase the possible service life of the action camera



Nevertheless, it is possible that other models may exceed your price expectations. In this case, the AEE action camera is quite suitable for private use. Professionals can also work with it, but should look for a more expensive model for long-term use.

>> AEE LYFE-Silver Action Cam <<

Meanwhile, there are also much newer chipsets as far as the photo sensor is concerned, so we think the 10 frames per second at a resolution of 4K is a bit too little. Consider that we have already tested cameras that deliver 60 frames at 4K, for example the SJCAM SJ8 Pro, which has only 12 megapixels, but has one of the newest chipsets, the Ambarella H22 chipset, and costs about the same.

We liked the LYFE Silver camera from AEE very much, despite some things we have something to criticize. The price and the optical appearance, as well as the high-quality, pin sharp photo shots, let the photographer’s heart beat faster.

You can order this action camera here on Amazon.*

Comparable to other action cameras?

Of course GoPro is the leader in the market of action cameras, that’s why we always measure the quality of the cameras by the products of this brand. We do the same with drones and DJI.

In addition to the GoPro 3, GoPro 4 Hero, as well as Hero 5 and 6, there is now also the GoPro Hero 7 on the market which we have tested extensively.

The cheap GoPro action camera we tested is the GoPro 3, which is not really comparable to the AEE Technology LYFE Silver Cam, because the GoPro 3 costs many times as much.

Externally, both make an equally high-quality impression, but in the end it’s the inner values that count and GoPro is way ahead. The frame rate and video resolution alone are clearly better. Not only do the 4K videos look much better on the GoPro 3, the pictures are even taken at a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second at this resolution.

If you compare the AEE Technology LYFE Silver Action Cam with a camera in this similar price range, it performs very well.

A slightly more expensive action camera, which only costs about 20 euros more, is the Apeman Action camera with WIFI, 20 megapixel photo sensor. It delivers 30 frames per second at 4K resolution and is quite popular. Over 1000 reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. The battery is also replaceable and the housing is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. Click here for the Apeman camera review. It also has a lot of recording modes and functions that the LYFE Silver camera from AEE does not have.


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