Yuneec Mantis G Test: All about flight behaviour, range and flight time

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In today’s test report, we would like to introduce you to a new drone, which has only been on the market for a short time. TheYuneec Mantis G Quadrocopter has quite compact dimensions for its performance, has a high propulsion power, a strong battery and reaches quickly up to 72 kilometers per hour.

The price you get this model for is with about 699 Euro quite affordable. Additionally there is a gimbal stabilized camera with 4K resolution.

In addition, the drone has a large internal memory of about 16 gigabytes. But you can also use an SD card, which has a storage volume of up to 128 gigabytes.

Of course these features sound like a dream and when you look at the price it becomes clear that the Yuneec Mantis G must have a damn good price/performance ratio. However, we wanted to find out if it is really worth buying and if the quality delivers what the manufacturers promise with an extensive test.

Technical data and facts about theYuneec Mantis G drone

The quadrocopter is designed to produce the quietest possible images from the air, thanks to the gimbal-stabilized camera.

For our taste, the photo and video recordings look also very good, detailed and colorful.

The remote controlled aircraft, can be operated with a smartphone and a controller. The maximum range is up to 2 kilometers.

App of the Yuneec Mantis G

Of course, you can also control the drone with voice commands, but you will need the Yuneec Pilot App expansion.

Thanks to the GPS and GLONASS system, it can also return to its original starting point. In addition, GPS keeps the drone in its ideal flight position. During our test flights, we have found that this quadrocopter can maintain its position even in strong gusts of wind and does not drift. This model owes this also to the 4 powerful drives, because they steer properly against the wind.

The drives are also designed for very high speeds. As already mentioned, the maximum speed is 72 km/h, but also the acceleration is really murderously strong. Therefore theYuneec Mantis G is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Of course the drives are brushless electric motors. That means, every electric motor has no carbon brushes, so there are no sliding contacts, so there is no contact between the fixed stator and the moving rotor. These properties ensure that each individual motor can achieve much higher speeds than conventional electric motors. In addition, the service life is much longer, there is less wear and tear and the motor lasts longer, which means you can use the drone for many years.

The drone also has many great flight modes, which we would like to introduce later, in any case this model is a technical masterpiece!

After the first test flights we were very positively surprised by the Yuneec Mantis G drone. At first we thought that this is just another replica of the DJI Mavic, but the technical features and quality are quite close to the models of the market leader DJI!

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The camera system

Front view of the Yuneec Mantis G

Due to the fact that the built-in camera is attached to a modern gimbal, stable video recordings are always guaranteed. Via the stable connection to the remote control, the image and video data are sent to your smartphone in real time. So it is possible to control theYuneec Mantis G from the ego-perspective. This also gives you the impression of sitting in the cockpit yourself. The experience can be made even more realistic by wearing FPV glasses. Unfortunately we haven’t found any suitable FPV goggles for this model yet.

The images are generated with a pixel density of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a frequency, i.e. frame rate of 30 frames per second. Of course, the camera has 21.5 millimetres with a field of view of 117 degrees. So you have everything in view at all times and can enjoy the flight to the maximum.

The photo and video recordings stabilized by the gimbal system are saved in JPEG and DNG format.

In our extensive test we have found that the signal transmission from the live image has hardly any delay. This is surely also due to the fact that here a redundant signal transmission on the basis of 2,4 Ghz and 5 Ghz takes place.

Photos are taken with a resolution of up to 13 MP. The 1/3.06″ CMOS sensor delivers superb images that are comparable to what we are used to from DJI. Especially the rich colors and the depth of field make the picture very high quality. If you want to shoot normal still images, you can choose between the formats 4:3 (4160 x 3120 pixels) and 16:9 (4160 × 2340 pixels).

For the videos, you can select the resolution and number of frames you want to record in the settings on your smartphone. Afterwards the video recordings are saved in MP4MOV format.

The better the resolution, the lower the frame rate, you have to consider that. This means, if you want to edit the video on your PC and make a slow motion video, you should choose a high frame rate, but this will only be at the expense of the resolution and the video quality.

Here are the resolutions at a glance, which you can select in the menu.

  • 4K: 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 fps
  • 2.7K: 2704 x 1520 pixels at 30 fps
  • 1080P: 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps or 60 fps
  • 720P: 1280 x 720 at 60 fps

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Battery and flight time

With one battery charge you can easily achieve a flight time of up to 30 minutes, if you fly economically you can even manage 1 to 2 minutes longer! This of course increases the flying fun enormously. There is only one battery in the package, if you want additional flight batteries you have to buy them separately, but the prices are not too high, they are not too expensive.

The battery system itself is based on 3S, you should pay attention to this if you want to buy a new battery.

Design and construction of the drone

Front view of the Yuneec Mantis G

We were very impressed with the design of the Yuneec Mantis G drone. The construction itself reminds us a bit of the DJI Mavic. Somehow in the last few months models have appeared again and again that look a bit like the flagship of the market leader DJI.

TheYuneec drone can be folded and unfolded very well. The normal dimensions are 250 x 195 x 60 mm, folded it is 171 x 97 x 60 mm. This is the ideal size for a drone pilot, because the fact that this model is so compact means that it can be transported anywhere.

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Flight characteristics and speed values of the Yuneec Mantis G drone

Starting Yuneec Mantis G

We were really impressed by the flight characteristics of this drone. Even in gusts of wind, the model stands like nailed to the ground and can hardly be brought out of its rest. The quadrocopter floats so stable without drifting off that it can be manoeuvred easily through narrow rooms or alleys.

The maximum ascent speed is 4 meters per second in Sport mode. In this mode, the model also manages to descend at 3 metres per second and build up speeds of up to 20 m/s, which corresponds to about 72 kilometres per hour.

However, the speed values differ enormously, regarding the individual flight modes.

Otherwise the model can be moved very agile through the air. The drone reacts immediately to control commands and immediately changes direction if you steer it accordingly.

Modes and settings of theYuneec Mantis G Drone

Since this quadrocopter has such a wide range of flight modes, we would like to give you a short overview.

Control via voice commands

The advanced voice control system makes it possible to control the drone particularly comfortably. You simply have to communicate with the model, and pronounce the commands loud and clear.

A simple command to start the model is for example “Wake up Mantis – Take off!” and the little drone will switch on and take off. The genius of the Yuneec Mantis’ voice control is that it understands different languages, including German, English and French. You can use the voice commands alone to start videos or take photos. You can find more details and advanced commands in the manual that comes with the unit.

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Modern waypoint control

Yuneec has launched theYuneec Mantis G drone, an enhanced waypoint function. All you have to do is show the model where to fly to using the map on the app. The model will then fly the planned route. The Mantis will definitely be visible on the map. If you lose your model, its location will be recorded.

The route that the Mantis drone will fly from Yuneec is planned from point to point. This means that the quadrocopter can always go straight ahead and can’t make any turns. If you want to fly curves or circles, other flight modes are much better suited for this.

Return To Home Mode

As with any modern quadrocopter, a Return To Home mode is integrated. This means that the G Mantis drone will automatically return to its original location from where you started, provided you have given the command.

Thanks to the modern satellite system GPS and GLONASS, which the Yuneec Mantis G drone is equipped with, the model can save the starting point and fly to it again at the push of a button.

Especially fast and cheap, you can buy this model here!

Advantages and disadvantages

We want you to have a better overall view of the drone. That’s why we’re briefly comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the quadrocopter below.


  • Can be flown by beginners, advanced pilots and professionals alike
  • Reaches high speeds quickly and shines with super acceleration values
  • Extensive flight functions such as Return To Home, waypoint function and much more.
  • Up to 30 minutes flight time – with economical flight also significantly longer
  • Thanks to GPS and GLONASS technology, the drone is much more stable in the air during hovering
  • The quadrocopter is ready to start in a few seconds
  • Attractive design with folding arms in DJI Mavic style
  • In our opinion the price/performance ratio is very good
  • Reliable gimbal with high quality 4K camera and modern CMOS sensor
  • There is an advanced voice control in French, German and English
  • Additionally this drone has an indoor positioning system
  • The maximum range is enormous with 2 kilometers
  • Image and video data are transmitted in real time from the drone to your smartphone
  • The flight controller is based on PX4
  • The maximum speed is 72 kilometers per hour
  • Extensive scope of delivery
  • Powerful battery
  • Integrated memory with 16 Gbyte – this can be expanded by an SD card with up to 128 Gbyte
  • Compact dimensions – you can take it with you almost anywhere


  • High minimum requirements for smartphones (iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher)
  • Despite a good price/performance ratio, the drone is not affordable for everyone


After numerous test flights and a detailed analysis of the technical data, we have come to the conclusion that the Yuneec Mantis G drone is definitely worth its money!

Especially cool is the integrated voice control and face recognition, which is not often available on the market and especially not at this price! Of course, this is not a DJI drone, but the model makes such a high-quality impression that it can almost keep up with the DJI models.

In many areas this drone, apart from the DJI brand, is definitely one of the best. The flight behaviour enchants every drone pilot, the model can be steered and flown with ease. So even beginners can start practising without any problems, because the quadrocopter forgives even small mistakes and balances itself again and again by itself.

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Test video will follow soon 🙂


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